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Taylor & Ng


The Natural Nonstick Woks Collection

The Natural Nonstick Woks Collection From Taylor & Ng

The Natural Nonstick Woks Collection Before Taylor & Ng created the Preseasoned Wok, a carbon steel wok needed to be seasoned before it could be used for the first time. Seasoning is a tedious process that requires deep cleaning and repeated heating and oiling of the wok over very high heat. Properly seasoned cold-rolled carbon steel has proven to be one of the best materials for all around cooking ease - it is a superior material for fast, efficient heating and even heat distribution. There is no coating to peel or crack. Taylor & Ng uses a special hight heat process to season the wok into a temporary blue color. It is NATURAL. This preseasoned carbon steel wok is ready to use to provide a virtually non-stick cooking surface.

  • Preseasoned carbon steel wok
  • No nonstick coatings
  • Use any type of cooking utensil