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Qnkki believes all of the data which you keep in your laptop is very important, or maybe sometime you will imagine what a serious disaster it would be if you lost all of the documents and photos suddenly during a crash . A fully protective laptop bag or sleeve is necessary, but disappointedly people always forget this until they really feel it. To compose a high performance laptop bag and sleeve , all QNKKI™ products are based on using well-known branded zippers and buckles plus their self designed Cubic Padding System (CPS).

The Cubic Padding System(CPS) consists of three layers. The outer layer is Panel EVA and its function is to oppose and reflex the impact force directly. The middle layer is Hive EVA and it has a lot of small holes to become a buffer zone for release. If the force gets across the first two layers it will run into the last later, memory foam. Memory foam can delay , inhale and disperse the survival impact force . Moreover, all sleeve compartments use slightly weaved micro tricot to avoid being scraped by hard objects.

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