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Nature Bright

Nature Bright, founded in 2001, and based in Irvine, California, is dedicated to improving people’s sense of well-being by delivering products that harness the healing power of light. Their motto- “Bright Light, Brighter Future”- promises that Nature Bright manufactures products that are designed to promote a healthy, easeful lifestyle. Just as Nature Bright is committed to overall wellness, they also focus strongly on technological innovation, energy-efficiency, and natural resource conservation. Sleek, modern, and stylish, Nature Bright products enhance any home, office, or beauty treatment center. Carrying the signs of distinction and uniqueness, these lights are as attractive as they are effective. Nature Bright’s striking products bring the best technology to consumers, and to the therapeutic lighting industry.

A recognized leader in light therapy and dawn simulation therapy products, Nature Bright is continually innovating to incorporate the latest scientific discoveries in all they offer. Nature Bright uses LED lighting, a known energy saver, is extensively built into all therapeutic lighting products. With long lasting burn power, LED bulbs help save un-renewable resources for our future. Over the past six years, Nature Bright has registered seven patents worldwide. Chiefly, Sky Effect™, Nature Bright’s trademarked light therapy technology- one of their proudest achievements- brings the benefit of new research findings on the way our bodies “feel” and absorb the signals in light. Nature Bright assures that you will experience the uplifting effect of LED and Sky Effect™ technology, guaranteed!

Think about how good you feel outside when there's a cloudless blue sky. That sense of well-being can be brought indoors with Nature Bright’s Sky Effect™ light therapy. Sky Effect™ capitalizes on a revolutionary scientific discovery of a third receptor in the human eye. This retinal receptor, found in 2002, is sensitive to light frequencies. It doesn’t necessarily see color or light but it responds to different wavelengths in light, particularly to the length of blue light. What’s most significant about the way the body reads light with this receptor is how it can recalibrate our internal time or body clock based on the information it receives.

Nature Bright combines expertise in electronic technology with the clinical know-how of customers to produce pioneering solutions. In addition to their original focus on the treatment of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) and winter blues, Nature Bright has recently honed in on using light therapy to assist people with mood and cognitive problems, chronic fatigue, jet lag, sleeplessness, and restlessness. Nature Bright believes that everyone deserves to have a good morning wake-up experience, as well as plentiful day-simulated light at home, and at the office, year-round. Nature Bright makes light therapy products attractive and affordable so every home can benefit. Consequently, people around the world can reset their internal cycles, adjust their body clocks, and experience the healing and uplifting results of daily light therapy treatments.

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