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Decide which type of lighting you want to use—mini, icicle, classic, LED, or net lighting. 
Hang lights with a partner. It's helpful (and safer!) to have someone hold the ladder and hand you supplies.
Use plastic clips to secure lights to gutters or shingles instead of a hammer and nails. 
Check your power source. Outdoor Christmas lights should be plugged into power circuits that are protected by a ground fault circuit interrupter.
Once your lights are hung, install a timer to make sure your lights turn on and off when you want them to. This will save money on your electric bill, too!

It's the merriest and brightest time of the year! 
Homes all up and down the block will be adorned with twinkling lights in a rainbow of colors. Before you head outside to decorate your own home with holiday cheer, make sure you have the right materials. Stock up on the cutest twinklers and take the proper safety measures when setting up your lights outside. With our five tips and essential finds below, hanging your exterior lights will be a breeze this year! 

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