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Top 10 Ceiling Fans

Cool off (indoors or outdoors!) with one of our editors' picks.

  • Minka Aire From $269.95 (prices vary)
    Leave plenty of head room between you and the ceiling fan. Make sure it hangs at least 7 feet above the floor. 

  • Minka Aire From $549.95 (prices vary)
    This best-selling fan comes with a wall-mounted control system for easy convenience.    

  • Quorum $298.00
    A two blade fan adds a sleek, contemporary look to a living room, bedroom, or kitchen.  

  • Westinghouse Lighting $123.39
    This three speed fan features a reversible switch to help you cool down or warm up any room.   

  • Keep these measurements in mind when selecting a ceiling fan size and mounting system.
    Learn about the most common ceiling fan styles, features, and types.

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