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Game Room Ideas: Creating the Ultimate Entertainment Space (With Photos!)

Let the games begin.

game room ideas

Game rooms are a fun space in your home for both kids and adults to enjoy. Host a game night with friends, watch your favorite sports team, or have a family game night with your kids. If you’ve been wracking your brain for game room ideas, this guide will walk you through everything you need to know about creating the right game room for you.

Before You Begin

When you start brainstorming your game room ideas, think about the style and function you want. Will it be a kid-friendly game room? Will it be for entertaining friends? What kind of games do you want to play? Do you want it to also be a movie room?

Opt for Variety

game room ideas

Create Game Zones

game room ideas

If you want to include a seating area, bar area, and different game areas, think about creating zones. Set these zones apart by using area rugs, bookcases, or room dividers. We also recommend measuring your space and mapping out your zones on paper before making purchases. We recommend at least 48" of space around all pieces of furniture. However, for a pool table, we recommend even more space so you can comfortably use pool cues without hitting furniture or walls. Check out Your Guide to Pool Table Sizes to learn more.

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For unique room divider ideas, check out our guide: Room Divider Ideas: Find Your Style & Function.

Incorporate a Movie Room

Game room ideas

Game rooms aren’t just for games. Consider adding a projector or big screen to turn your space into a movie room, too! If you love watching sports games or having a movie on during game night, this is an easy addition. Add recliners or bean bag chairs for an easy way to go from game seating to movie seating.

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Make It Kid Friendly

kids game room ideas

Whether you are looking to make a kids game room or a kid-friendly corner in your game room, try adding in some of their favorites games. To make the space more fun, add in bright colors through your furniture and decor. Make use of wall space to make things easily accessible. Having a kids game room will give them a space of their own to play, draw, and still interact with the adults.

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Add a Bar

Game room ideas

A game room is not just for kids, it can be adult friendly, too! Add a bar where the adults can hang out and watch their favorite sports game while the kids are playing. Turn the bar into a place for snacks where everyone can take a break from the game and replenish their winning fuel.

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Make It Cozy

Game room ideas

A game room doesn't need to focus on pool tables or other large games. They can center around tabletop games! Make the space feel cozy by opting for comfortable couches and chairs that will make everyone want to kick back and hang out. If you are entertaining many people at once, choose pieces that can easily double as seating, such as an ottoman. Ottomans are easy to move around the room and allow friends to pull up a chair.

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Turn Your Games Into Decor

Whether your home is modern or traditional, there are options for you. Keep reading to learn how to make a game room match your style.

Traditional Game Room

traditional game room ideas

Go for a traditional look by combining comfortable pieces and casual decor. Look for items that feature warm, rich colors like this wooden pool table to create a game room with an inviting feel.

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Industrial Game Room

Industrial Game Room Ideas

Going for an industrial look? This wooden Skee-Ball machine is the perfect addition to any game room, with metal accents that add to the industrial style. Add other elements of this style into your game room with wooden shelves featuring metal accents or brick wallpaper.

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Modern Game Room

modern game room

If you are looking to create a modern game room, opt for a white pool table to keep the color palette in your space on the neutral side. Keep the furniture sleek and opt for abstract art or minimal decor to stick with the classic modern design.

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Glam Game Room

glam game room

Go for a glam game room by incorporating metal and gold accents. Opt for a game with sleek metal accents or add in pops of gold with your lighting fixtures. If you want to lighten up the room, try lighter colored wall art – it stands out on a dark wall and helps brighten up the room.

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Rustic Game Room

rustic game room ideas

If you love the rustic vibe, add a darkly colored wooden pool table into your rustic game room. Choose decor that is wooden or has a distressed look. Opt for brown leather sofas and wall art that includes animals.

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