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Breaking the Rules: How to Wallpaper Your Ceiling

Wallpaper is hot right now. It's everywhere you look—even up!

Photos: Nesting With Grace

I wanted to do something unique for our baby boy's nursery. We painted the walls white, so I thought it would be fun to do something funky on the ceiling—wallpaper! I didn’t have anything specific in mind, but when I found Wayfair's astrobots wallpaper I knew I wanted to base the nursery look around it.

I hung temporary wallpaper in our daughter's bedroom, so I thought I could install the wallpaper myself. After watching how-to videos, I did a dry run with my husband's help. I could tell it was going to be harder than I originally thought but decided to give it a go!


  • Wallpaper
  • Wallpaper adhesive
  • Sponge
  • Paint roller
  • Paint tray
  • Utility blade
  • Metal yardstick
  • Squeegee or plastic smoother


1. Prep Your Space
Move everything into the center of the room, and set up a table with all your supplies.

Measure and cut all of the pieces before you start.

Make sure you have plenty of room to work. Match up the pattern from one strip to the pattern of the next. If a little astronaut guy got cut off, we found the rest of his body to match it up. 

2. Begin Application
Using a paint roller, apply the wallpaper paste to the ceiling before applying the wallpaper.

Smooth the wallpaper out with a dry roller and a rag to ensure there are no bubbles. You can peel back the edges if there isn't enough glue and add more with a paintbrush to ensure the wallpaper sticks.

Editors' Tip!  If you want more guidance on how to install wallpaper, check out another handy guide! 

3. Clean Up Your Edges
Use a straight edge or metal yardstick to hold the wallpaper where it needs to be trimmed. Slice the extra wallpaper with a utility blade.

The Finished Product
The entire process for our 10-by-11 foot room took six hours to complete. We are thrilled with the difference the wallpaper made! It completes the room and totally changes the entire look and feel of the space. The color of the wallpaper does darken the room a little, but the bright white walls help to contrast and keep it feeling light.

Photos: Nesting With Grace

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