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Cleaning 101: How to Clean Laminate Floors

The secret to long-lasting laminate floors.

Oak laminate flooring in a gray kitchen with a wooden dining area and tan couches

Laminate flooring is durable, waterproof, and resistant to most signs of wear -and-tear. While cleaning is easy, laminate flooring requires a different method of cleaning than other types of flooring. Read our guide to learn the best methods on how to clean laminate floors so you can keep your floors looking shiny and new.

For a Weekly Clean

Step 1: Vacuum
The best preventative care you can give your laminate floors is a weekly vacuuming. Use a vacuum with a brush attachment to keep your floors free of any dirt, debris, and hair that can lead to scratching over time. A dry dust mop works just as well, but make sure to avoid using stiff bristle brushes, as those can scrape the laminate.


Sweep in the direction that the laminate was laid to get better access to the nooks and crannies of the floor.

Step 2: Wash
For a regular cleaning, all you need is water! Do not use soap, pine, lemon, or ammonia-based cleaners as they will damage floors and create a streaky haze. Instead, dampen a microfiber mop in hot water, then wring out the mop to avoid leaving big puddles that can seep through the baseboards and leave streaks. Then, use a new microfiber cloth to dry the floor.

For a Deep Clean

If you need a deeper clean, we recommend using a flathead microfiber mop and laminate floor spray cleaner. Spray the cleaner on the floor and then wipe it up with the damp mop. Mop in the same direction as the grain to avoid streaks. If you want to put your microfiber mop cover in the washing machine just make sure not to use any fabric softener as it will later cause streaks. Then use a dry microfiber cloth to wipe the floor.


When mopping, start from the center of the floor and work your way towards the outer edges of the room so you don’t end up walking over what you just cleaned!

How to Clean Spills & Stains

Wipe up any spills immediately with a clean cloth to prevent stains or liquid damage to your floor. For stains that have already set, dilute ¼ cup white vinegar with 4 cups of water in a spray bottle. Spray the mixture in small areas before wiping immediately with a clean damp cloth. Be cautious of spraying too much and damaging the protective laminate layer. When finished, dry completely.

If you drop gum or candle wax on the floor, take a bag of ice and lay it on the spill. Then, scrape it off with a plastic knife. For ink and crayon smudges, take a cotton swab and dip it in rubbing alcohol. Then, blot it on the spot before wiping it away with a dry cloth.

How to Clean Scuffs & Scrapes

If your laminate floors have any scuffs or scrapes, try tending to the marks with a pencil eraser (goodbye, heel scuffs!). To avoid future markings, place pads under the legs of your furniture to protect your laminate in a concealed and inexpensive way.

How to Protect Your Floors

To keep your floors shiny and free of scuffs and scratches, take these preventative measures to keep your floors looking new.

  • Don’t wear shoes in the house. Place them on a tray by your front door and wear slippers around the house.
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  • Put a mat under pet’s water and food bowls as well as your baby’s high chair.
  • Keep pet’s nails trimmed.
  • Use area rugs.

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