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Dog Furniture

Who says furniture is only for people? Your dog deserves great furniture just as much as you do! Luckily, Wayfair offers everything you could imagine when it comes to dog furniture. We have heated dog beds, luxurious wooden dog houses, jogger dog strollers, automatic dog doors and so much more. Your dog will be the coolest pooch on the block after you shop at Wayfair. Browse our selection of dog supplies and furniture to find products that are sure to make their tail wag.
Dog beds

Put a smile on your pup’s face by giving them their own dog bed. The beds in our store are so comfy your dog may never want to wake up. Choose from dog beds of all shapes, sizes, and materials. You can find orthopedic dog beds, dog cots, bolters beds and more at Wayfair.

dog house

What dog doesn’t want a house all to themselves? It’s the perfect place to escape the cold temperatures, to hide out from the rain, or to just relax while the family spends time outside. You can shop for wooden and plastic dog houses that feature covered patios, sun roofs and dog doors. These dog houses are so cool that even Snoopy will be jealous.

dog crates

If you have a new dog and are looking to crate train them, we have a variety of dog crates for you to select from. We have metal dog crates, which are easy-to-clean and collapsible, as well as furniture style dog crates, which can double as a side table or nightstand. Want a more portable crate? Then we recommend choosing either a soft sided crate or plastic crate since most are airline approved.

dog kennel, pet gazebo

For those who want to give their dog more space to roam outside, we invite you to shop our selection of dog kennels, dog runs, and electric dog fences. The kennels are an excellent option for breeders and dog hotels while a new wireless or underground dog fence allows your dog to freely enjoy backyard.

dog gate, pet gate

Need to close off an area of your home to your dog or puppy? Instead of confining them to a dog crate all day, buy a dog gate to give your dog a nice area to enjoy while you’re not at home. This will put your mind at ease knowing your dog is not getting in something he or she is not supposed to. Plus, they appreciate the added room the dog gate provides.

dog door, pet door

Want to give your dog the freedom to go inside and out as they please? If so, it’s time to install a new dog door so that your dog has access to the yard whenever they want. Dog doors can be installed in walls, windows and any type of door. Once installed, you’ll be grateful you no longer have to open the door for your dog to go in and out.

dog stroller, pet stroller

Dog strollers are another great way for your dog to enjoy the fresh air. With a pet stroller, your dog can tag along on your morning jog, a trip to the park or any other type of outdoor excursion. They’re beneficial if you have an older dog that can’t walk too far, multiple dogs that don’t walk the same distance, or if you’re simply looking for another way to transport your pup from one place to another.

With so many options in our store, you’re sure to find plenty of dog furniture that’s perfect for your favorite pooch. Your dog will love sleeping on his plush dog bed, going for walks in his stroller, using his dog ramp to climb into bed, or enjoying the plane ride in his cozy dog carrier.