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Patio Furniture

patio makeover starter kit

The patio is a precious part of the home. It's where you can gather to enjoy wonderful weather, set up for a big outdoor party, or a place to go for relaxing alone time during the day. Outfitting a patio table and chairs takes understanding the space you have and a vision for what you want. We surveyed existing home owners to understand how they went about building a patio table set and how they use it to entertain guests and family. We also used purchase data from to help draw conclusions and insights. Click on each image to learn how to best tackle your outside furniture makeover.

Patio Set Style, Seating, Add-Ons & More

You can easily get inundated with numerous decisions when building a patio. From different porch furniture styles and sets to certain add-ons to the number of seats you need. We grabbed some data to provide insight into what you should be purchasing.

patio furniture style

Just under half (48%) of respondents said they have a patio dining set as opposed to a lounge set. Dining sets include an outdoor table and chairs to eat off of and chairs to sit on. A patio lounge set is anything where you might be lounging such as a chaise, sofa, loveseat, or conversation set.

If you are just starting out, it seems as though a dining set with an outdoor table and chairs is the best option. Over time, you can include a lounge seating area if space allows. A patio table set can be as small or large as you want it to be.

patio furniture material

When you purchase outside furniture sets, the material is an important decision. How do you choose between wicker, metal, wood, or plastic? We pulled internal 12-month purchase data from to learn wicker is the most popular followed by wood and metal.

patio furniture seating

Number of seats in your patio table and chairs is also important because you want to have enough seating options for frequent guests. In the survey, we provided the options for people to answer one seat all the way through to 10 or more seats. We learned seating for four or six is more popular when building an outdoor seating area.

popular patio add ons

The most popular add-ons include patio cushions, a side or end table, and a patio umbrella. Use patio cushions to make your dining set more comfortable. You can even make it have a lounge feel! An umbrella is useful for hot sunny days; the extra shade can help prevent skin damage from being out in the sun for too long. A side or end table creates extra outdoor table and chairs space during a cookout. You can put the extra burgers and dogs on the end table during your next pool party!

popular patio colors

With outdoor furniture cushions being so popular, we also pulled data about which are the most popular colors purchased on over the last 12 months. Now you can see the colors that are trending! One of the biggest trends to pull out is the increased popularity of lighter brown colors such as tan, sand, or beige. They're really popular right now!

Patio Party Tips

patio party tips

Once you have created your patio, it is time to enjoy it! Below are some party tips to help you get the most of your patio.

patio time of day

We asked what time of day people used their patio sets most and found that the majority enjoy the comfort of their porch furniture toward the end of the day, while the afternoon or morning were not as common. As a result, get any patio parties going toward the night time!

patio time of day

In addition to time of day, we also asked how many hours per week respondents spend on their porch furniture. Responses were broken out into three groups:

  • Under 3 hours
  • 3 to 5 hours
  • More than 5 hours

The most common response was more than 5 hours. More than 80 percent of respondents spend at least 3 hours per week on their outdoor furniture. In general, if you end up creating an outdoor patio with a patio table and patio chairs in your home or apartment, you will most often get your value spending 3 or more hours a week using it.

number of patio parties

We also wanted to understand how often people were having parties or large gatherings on their outdoor patio. In the question, we defined them as gatherings with 6 or more people. Turns out 67 percent have one to six parties every outdoor deck season, with 35 percent opting for one to three and 32 percent hosting four to six. Fifteen percent of respondents chose not to have parties at all and less than 20 percent have more than seven parties during the outdoor deck season.

Patio Party Eats & Drinks

patio food and drinks

What's the best part of enjoying your outdoor furniture? It's not just time spent with friends and family but also good food! On a warm summer evening, food often covers the patio table set and family picks what they want with excitement. We asked folks to share their favorite summertime meals and drinks and below are the most popular:


  • Burgers
  • Steak
  • Chicken
  • Ribs
  • Kabobs


  • Beer
  • Iced Tea
  • Wine
  • Margarita
  • Lemonade


Whether you plan to enhance your own patio overtime or are in the midst of an entire patio makeover, we hope the information we've provided will help you make well-informed decisions. Happy outdoor shopping season!

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