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Mailboxes take on both a decorative and purposeful function on the outside of your home. The mailbox sits either at the bottom of your driveway or up by your front door. Your mailbox is very visible to guests who come over and enter your front lawn and to regular people who pass by. You need to find a mailbox to fit your home's style. Wayfair has options from standard residential mailboxes made to make it easy on the person delivering your mail, to mailboxes made to serve a decorative function. Let's look at the mailbox options you have to choose from:


Mailboxes with Post Included: If you have a long driveway and a large front lawn, mailboxes with a post are best. Most often people deliver mail in trucks and stop at each mailbox dropping off and picking up any mail for the day. You install the post into the ground and the mailbox is installed on the top of the post. You will find the posts and mailboxes come in aluminum, steel, or plastic. Aluminum and steel are heavy duty options which can hold up in all weather conditions.

mail box

Post Mounted Mailboxes: On Wayfair, you can also purchase just the mailbox without the post. These are useful if you currently have a working post and don't need to replace it. The post mounted mailboxes also work if there's another place you can rest the mailbox on such as a deck, railing, or tree. Regardless, the mailboxes also come in aluminum, steel, or plastic. You can also find ones with additional features. Other features include a lock, lettering & numbering, or extra deep sizing in the event you get a lot of mail daily.


Wall Mounted Mailboxes: Wall mounted mailboxes are a little different from post mounted. They are often installed up against the side of a home next to the front door. They take on a rectangle or square shape. The person delivering the mail can open up the top and pick up or drop off any mail needed. You will find similar features on wall mounted mailboxes including lettering and numbering or a lock. Since the mailbox is going to attach to your home, you should make sure it will match accordingly.


Mailbox Posts: We also sell just the posts in the event you have a mailbox but don't have the post it needs to rest on. We have posts that span across a range of colors so you can find one to match your home. You can also easily see how tall they are on the product pages of the ones you're interested in. In general, they appear to be between 4.5 and 7 feet long.

Decking out the outside of your home is a fun project and we love to help. A mailbox is a timeless piece that holds function and decorative value. Order one from us and we will deliver it right to your door so you can install it right away.