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Open Shelving 3 Ways

Use floating shelves to create a stunning display that's organized, functional, and beautiful.

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1. Kitchen Shelving

Stacked dishware on shelves makes a cute display in the kitchen—plus the open shelving feels less bulky than cabinetry.
Go for a more modern look with several clean-lined, stainless steel shelves.

2. Living Room Accent Wall

Free up floor space and frame the TV by mounting floating shelves in the living room. Personalize the look with books and small vases.
Bring a dose of vintage style to an arrangement of floating shelves with intricate, decorative brackets.

3. Painted Bedroom Display

Create a seamless accent wall in the bedroom by painting a series of shelves the same color as the wall.
Fill up an empty corner or area with a small vase or flower arrangement on a corner shelf.

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