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5 Creative Ways to Decorate Pumpkins

Transform ordinary pumpkins with these fun craft ideas – no carving required!

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Spice things up this fall with pumpkins decked out in paint, glitter, yarn, and so much more! A fun project for everyone in the family, add a big splash of fall personality (especially for Halloween) to your indoor or outdoor space with an eye-catching pumpkin arrangement. Your home will undoubtedly stand out on your block with these one-of-a-kind looks.

We've come up with five DIY pumpkin decorating ideas. Keep reading, and we'll show you how to make them, step-by-step. Happy Halloween!

#1 Stocking-Covered Pumpkins

Supplies: Medium or large pumpkin, tights or stockings (preferably patterned or fishnet), wide black ribbon, scissors, and rubber bands.

1. Use medium or large pumpkins for this project. The bigger the pumpkin, the better the stocking pattern will show-up.

2. Carefully insert each pumpkin into the opening of the tights and stretch it over the pumpkin until it reaches the legs of the tights.

3. Once the pumpkin is in a secure place, tie the top of the tights around the handle of the pumpkin with a rubber band. (This creates the cinched detail at the top of the pumpkin.)

4. At the bottom of the pumpkin, tie the two stocking legs together. Cut off the remaining stocking.

5. For a final touch, tie an oversized bow around the handle of the pumpkin (covering the rubber band) for a more dramatic look.

#2 Glitter Pumpkins

Supplies: Pumpkins (any size), silver glitter, gold glitter, black ribbon, painter's tape, white paint, spray adhesive, newspaper, medium or large paint brush, and scissors.

1. Use small, medium, or large pumpkins.

2. Whatever size you choose, place them on top of a piece of newspaper to limit the mess.

3. For a Small Pumpkin:
Spray the areas that you want to cover with glitter, whether it's the entire pumpkin or half of the pumpkin. As soon as the glue is applied, quickly and carefully sprinkle the glitter directly onto glue. Let the pumpkins sit for a few minutes before you pick them up! For a festive look, wrap a ribbon of your choice around the handle of the pumpkin.

4. For a Big Pumpkin:
Wrap a piece of painter's tape one third of the way down from the top of the pumpkin. Choose to wrap it directly around the top or slightly slanted. Below the painter's tape, start painting the pumpkin. Paint two to three coats. Make sure to let the paint dry before reapplying another layer. Once the paint has dried, carefully remove the painter's tape. Spray the glue in sections at the top of the pumpkin. As soon as you apply the glue in one section, immediately sprinkle the glitter. Repeat this step until the entire top section of the pumpkin is covered. Let the glitter seep over the white paint for a more imperfect look. 
#3 Ribbon Pumpkins

Supplies: Pumpkins (medium and large), a variety of ribbon, glue gun, thumb tacks, and scissors.

1. Choose three to six different ribbons that vary in width, color, and pattern, such as glittery, rickrack, or sheer.

2. Cut a piece of ribbon that's long enough to wrap around the entire pumpkin, from the bottom up to the stem. Repeat this step with each ribbon.

3. Once the ends of the ribbon meet at the stem, secure with a spot of hot glue at each end. (If the ribbon is too long, simply trim the extra length.) Press the glued side of the ribbon against the pumpkin.

4.  At the bottom of the pumpkin, secure the layers of ribbon with a thumb tack. This will prevent the ribbon from sliding around.

5. Top off the entire look by tying a pretty bow (with a ribbon of your choice) around the handle of the pumpkin.

 #4 Painted Pumpkins

Supplies: Pumpkins (any size), yellow paint, black paint, maroon paint, painter's tape, paint brushes, buttons, newspaper, and a hot glue gun.

1. Place each pumpkin on a piece of newspaper to protect the surface of your tabletop or floor. This helps limit the mess when it's time for cleanup.

2. The Address Pumpkin:
Paint the entire pumpkin in a shade of yellow. Apply at least two or three coats of paint.Once the paint has dried, use the black paint to carefully scribe an address or number of your choice.Finally, also paint the handle of the pumpkin black for a cohesive, polished look.

3. The Chevron Pumpkin:
Tape out a zigzag pattern with painter's tape. Start at the top of the pumpkin and work your way down.Paint the pumpkin, alternating between black and maroon colors.Apply at least two layers of paint.When the paint has almost dried, remove the painter's tape.If the paint bleeds, go back and touch-up the lines.
4. Bonus! The Button Pumpkin:
Find a small pumpkin to decorate with Halloween-inspired buttons.With a hot glue gun, dab the back of each button and immediately place it on the pumpkin.Vary the placement of color and/or size for a visually appealing accent piece.

 #5 Yarn-Covered Pumpkins

Supplies: Two balls of yarn and scissors.

1. Choose two pumpkins different in size and shape. Make sure to use a color that complements your decor.

2. Start by placing the yarn at the bottom of the pumpkin and work your way up and around.

3. Continue to wrap the pumpkin with the yarn until the entire pumpkin is covered. (Rotate the pumpkin as you wrap the yarn from bottom to top and top to bottom.)

4. Tie the yarn at the bottom of the pumpkin to secure the wrapping.

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