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  • Add style to your ride with the heavy duty Philadelphia Eagles Car Mat from Sports Licensing Solutions! A durable and rugged product that will last you years to come. Protects your vehicle's flooring with ribs that scrape shoes clean and pockets hold the dirt.

    • Universal size to fit all vehicle sizes
    • Color: Black
    • Nibbed backing keeps mats in place while driving for added safety
    • Theme: Sports
  • The Parking Mats help you park perfectly and easily. Consistently park in the same exact location every time. Never worry about damaging your car, garage, or stored belongings again. Simply install the mat where you want your front tire to stop. When you hit the big bump you are parked perfectly!

    • Anti-skid tape keeps the mats in place
    • Built in drip tray helps prevent mess from road grime dripping off the wheels
    • No more damage to your vehicle or garage
    • Park your care safely and easily
  • Hit your parking spot every time with the Parking Alert Sensor. It's a 2-piece system you install in your garage. There is a sensor and what looks like a miniature stop light. They are hooked together by a curly cord. The stop light changes color to indicate different distances from the sensor. Green lights up when you are within 16 ft., yellow when you're at 5 ft. and red when you are within 1-1/2 ft. The system also emits an alert sound.

    • Includes mounting tape
    • Easily mounts on wall, workbench or shelf in garage
    • Ultrasonic range-finding technology
    • Uses 3 different light indicators with alert sound based on range from sensor
    • On/off switch
    • Powered by included 120V AC adapter or 9V battery (required)
  • The NM200 system is a full-function intercom and music distribution system designed for residential use. Loaded with features that bring entertainment options and full communication abilities to your home, the NM200 offers everything you expect from an intercom system – and more. An Intercom system is the easiest, most affordable way to build security, convenience and entertainment into your home. Easily monitor a child’s room, stay within earshot of any family member and safely screen who is at the door, from anywhere in the house, providing you peace of mind and convenience. System supports up to 15 remote stations and up to 3 door speakers, so every area is covered and you can connect with or check on family members as needed, to make everyone feel secure. Set the system to turn music on and off automatically, at a predetermined time, so you can start or end your day with music at your convenience. Built-in AM/FM radio tuner allows you to set 16 radio stations, lets you enjoy music throughout the home; you may also hook up to two external audio devices by using the IA30WH. Auxilliary Input The Master intercom system has the ability to perform talk/listen for door answering, has a door release mechanism, and the ability to turn on lights or set off an alarm, turning your intercom into your personal security/home automation assistant to provide you with peace of mind Remote stations can be set to intercom only, radio plus intercom, off, or monitor, giving you complete control over the home communication system. The backlit liquid crystal display shows the operation mode, audio source, radio frequency, volume setting, time and display brightness setting, so everything you want to know is at your fingertips in an easy to read display. An optional selection of chime modules provide a 3-note (Model NA3003C) or 8-note (Model NA3008C) choice of door chimes, to make this uniquely your own; sold separately. The NM200 is designed for new installations or retrofit applications where 6 or 8-wire (CAT-5) is used to connect indoor and outdoor remote stations. In all retrofit situations there will also be a requirement to update the existing speakers and remotes. Rough-in Model NWH300 required for installation; Order with Rough-in kit NRKRWH300 and Finish Kit NM200K for a complete installation package. See Additional Information above for Update Reference Guide.

    • Master station
  • This Appliance Accessories is a next generation cord, rope, and cable organization tool. The ergonomic design features a composite center grip for handling and balance; this collection is built to last with high-grade 304 stainless steel. You can use this collection to wrap up extension cords, cables, air compressor hoses, dock line ropes, Christmas lights, ski tow rope, power cords, and rock climbing rope.

    • This combo 2 pack includes 1 medium and 1 large cord wrap storage device; medium capacity ranges from 5 feet to 75 feet, large capacity ranges from 5 feet to 150 feet
    • Each storage device has a 4 in 1 spine multi-catch that fits Imperial 0.38, 0.31, 0.25, and 0.19 inch cords or Metric size 10, 8, 7, and 5 cords
    • Features colorful 360 degree pivot arms that can be used to hang your device on hooks or nails; adjust the pivot arm tension by quarter turns using the screw at the pivot joint
    • The pivot arms can also be used to conveniently release your cord from the device; the comfort center grip allows you to handle, move, and carry the device with only one hand
    • Organize your life by untangling and storing cords and rope around your home, garage, boat, or job site; constructed of impact-resistant composites and stainless steel
  • Enhance your home security with the Chamberlain Wireless Motion Alert. The set includes a base station, a motion sensor, an AC adapter, a mounting hardware, and non-slip feet. It helps you monitor your property and improves your sense of security. The base station picks up a signal 1/2 mile away and notifies you with light and sound. This motion alert system comes equipped with sensitivity control that prevents false alarms. It is wireless and weatherproof, which makes it ideal for outdoor use. The Wireless Motion Alert by Chamberlain allows you to sleep peacefully, knowing that you are protected.

    • Alert
    • Contains 1 base station, 1 motion sensor, 1 AC adapter, mounting hardware, and non-slip feet
    • Advanced wireless technology helps monitor any perimeter – whether it be a home, a worksite, or virtually any property
    • Transmits signal to base station up to 1/2 mile away
    • Expandable up to 8 sensors for total perimeter coverage
    • Detects motion up to 30 feet away with wide 120 degree coverage
    • Adjustable sensitivity control helps prevent false alarms
    • Wireless, weatherproof design makes it portable for indoor / outdoor use
    • Receiver features adjustable volume control
    • Regular alarm sound: Yes
    • Works at night
    • Keypad
    • Works with all brands of garage door openers
    • Secure access to your garage and home
    • Delivers the latest technology in security, convenience, and performance
    • Preprogrammed codes allow the keypad to program in seconds
    • Slide cover provides protection to the keypad in hard weather environments
    • Communicates to the opener wirelessly - no wires to run or connect
    • Cannot be programmed to operate two doors
    • Mounts to the side of the garage door with 2 screws
  • This Premium Garage Shelf Cover provides a durable water-resistant Weather-X™ fabric for extra weather and abrasion protection. The Weather-X fabric provides protection against rain, snow, sun, and dirt and won’t crack in cold weather. When you buy this shelf cover you are not just getting a cover; you’re also purchasing peace of mind.

    • Multiple zippers allow easy access to both the front and back of the garage shelf
    • Rip-and-grip straps help secure cover to your shelf and rollup back panel
    • Reinforced top
    • Convenient loops and toggles, allow multiple ways to hold open cover doors
  • The NRS103WH is a retrofit for 3-wire intercom systems. It will allow communication with all other stations and can fill your home with music. You have complete control over the system, even if you can’t be near the ‘Master’ station. Talk from any station to all other stations and the ‘Master’ for total communication throughout the household so everyone can be connected by just touching a button answer the door from any remote station to eliminate running for the ‘Master’ – or the door, providing you with total convenience because you’re always able to monitor the situation remote stations allow you to control the radio.

    • Color: White
    • Designed for use with the NM100 system
    • Simplicity throughout the house so you never miss your favorite talk show or that crucial ball game use rough-in model number NF300RWH for proper installation
    • Turn on / off, select memory channels and control music and intercom volume by using the built-in control
    • Manufactured with the highest quality ASTM A229 Class two wire
    • Plug end
    • 30'' x 1-5/16''
    • Baked black enamel finish to inhibit rust