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16 Inspirational

Looking for inspiration on how to design and decorate your home office? Well, you're in luck as we've gathered up 15 beautiful examples of real home offices. Having an office you look forward to working in each day is essential to a productive work flow. It's important to blend functioncal pieces like a desk, shelves, and a bookcase with pieces that spark creativity like art, photos, and plants. Whether you're in need of furniture ideas or office organization tips, you're sure to find something in these workspaces that you can emulate in your home office.

Amy's Pink, White, & Black Office

Amy's White, Black Home Office

Amy describes her home office as the happy space in her home and where you'll usually find her during the week. It's "command central" for running her online business, as well as managing family-related projects. She says the space is constantly being tweaked, but she loves its current décor of white furniture with pops of pink, gold accents, and touches of black patterns throughout.

Sarah's Blogging Sanctuary

Sarah's Chic Home Office

Sarah recently converted a guest bedroom in her home into a vibrant home office for her online business. Her goal at the start of the project was to create a fun and inspiring setting she would feel comfortable working in for eight hours each day. One of her favorite pieces of furniture in the office is the bookshelves, since they can feature a wide variety of items, which helps bring color to the room.

Stacy's Rustic & Green Office

Stacy's Home Office

This is the third makeover of Stacy's home office space, which also serves triple-duty as a mudroom and music room. Highlights of the current iteration include reclaimed wood floating shelves, a vintage rug found on eBay, and a large collection of plants. Stacy admits she buys a new plant for her home at least once a month, and who can blame her when they bring so much life and color to a room?

Rachel's His & Hers Craft Room

Rachel's craft office

Rachel's Husband's office

The office in Rachel's home is used by both her and her husband, and each side of the room recently received a complete makeover. Rachel's side is now the ideal workspace for her craft projects. She noted that she chose to not store away her craft tools and accessories, but instead leaves them out on display since most of the tools are vibrant colors. For her husband's side, they repainted an antique desk and incorporated pictures and décor pieces that were inspired by the heritage and patriotism of their family. Rachel is working on adding photographs of all family members who served in the military.

Marian's Bright Workspace

Mustard Seed Home Office

Marian transformed what was once an awkward room between her kitchen and dining room into a rustic home office complete with custom cabinets and shelving. She installed the hardwood floors herself and also went through seven coats of paint before settling on gray owl paint color. The large wooden top of the desk is the highlight of the office and provides plenty of space for any project.

Amy's Office with Gold Galore

Amy's White Black and Gold Home Office

Once Amy started working as a full-time blogger, she decided it was time to upgrade her workspace to give it a more permanent feel. She added the shelving above the desk to give herself more storage space. As you can see, she's outfitted the shelves with decorative boxes and other small décor pieces. Another important element of her new desk space is her mood board, which includes photos, swatches, and other pieces she finds. Finally, everything is tied together with the gold accents found in the lamp, shelves, and desk accessories.

Erin's Industrial & Office Makeover

Erin's Rustic Home Office

Erin's home office is a striking example of industrial rustic décor. The large desktop is a solid piece of walnut, which matches perfectly with her DIY industrial pipe shelves. The metal filing cabinets were painted gray and then distressed to give a faux zinc finish. Finally, the custom-made white plank wall ties the entire room together.

Natalie's Fashion Blogger Paradise

Natalie's Home Office and Studio

Once you step inside Natalie's bright home office, you can immediately tell she owns a clothing line and fashion blog. High heels are hung from the wall trim, jeans are stacked on the shelf, and coats and shirts are hung on a clothes rack. Natalie says being surrounded by the items she loves, especially jeans, puts a smile on her face. She kept most of the furniture white to give the room a bright, airy feel, but did manage to include some color with the addition of plants, flowers, clipboards, and a light fixture.

Elana's Soothing Space

Elana's Home Office

Before her office makeover, Elana described the space as a cluttered, outdated mess that was unfit for an online entrepreneur. To bring life back into the space, she first added her L-shaped desk to brighten up the room. For décor on the walls, she began with old black-and-white photos her grandfather took while working as a firefighter, which hold a lot of sentimental value for her. The final product is a space she looks forward to working in instead of running away from. With her beautiful combination of furniture, photos, and décor, we can understand why!

Leasa's Creative Space for the Family

Leasa's Home Office and Art Room

Leasa loves creating home décor pieces, rehabbing old furniture, and working on various other DIY projects, so it's easy to understand how she created an inspiring multi-purpose office space. Each of the four walls in the room serves a purpose. On one wall, she has her dedicated work space along with a wall painted with chalkboard paint. On another wall is a work table Leasa and her daughter use for art projects. A custom-built bookcase sits on the third wall, and the fourth wall is for her daughter's keyboard. The walls are decorated with Leasa's favorite quotes as well as beautiful artwork by her daughter.

Ashley's DIY Dream Space

Ashley's Rustic Home Office

Ashley's home office is a space that exhibits everything she loves about home décor: the neutral color palette, the mixture of vintage finds with restored furniture, and handmade pieces. When she enters into this room, she feels like her personality really shows through in how it is decorated. Working in a pretty space makes it that much more enjoyable for her too!

Ashani's Pink & Gold Office Nook

Ashani's Home Office

Ashani loves how beautiful and chic her new office is! The colors are her brand's colors so it's a constant reminder to her of what and who she represents. To her, it's all about elegance, creativity, beauty, owning who you are, and loving your space and your life! She uses it as her getaway and her private space to be creative and focused in order to get her best work done as a social media consultant.

Jocelyn's Rustic Creation

Jocelyn's Rustic Office Furniture

Jocelyn and her husband built the furniture for their home office together in their garage. The matching desk and bookcase were designed specifically for the office nook. With three small kids, this is one of the few spaces in her home that belongs only to her.

Bre's Vintage & Modern Blend

Bre's Green White Black Home Office and Furniture

Bre's new office combines vintage and modern elements. The sawhorse desk, built by her husband, adds a rustic modern feel and perfectly complements her vintage gray desk chair. The minimalist prints on the wall are complemented by succulents hung on DIY shelves. In the end, Bre's office creates the ideal setting for a blogger to work in on a daily basis.

Erin's Sunny Space

Erin Sunwoven Office

Erin runs a business called Sunwoven, where she creates woven wall hangings from her home studio in Charleston, SC. When designing this space, she was aiming for functionality without compromising the bright and inspiring place she wanted for creating art. It was important for her that the studio was a place she looked forward to being in for many hours throughout the day. The amount of beautiful natural light that shines into the room is her biggest source of inspiration.

Ashleigh's Bright White Desk Space

Ashleigh's white home office

Ashleigh and her husband bought a 1905 bungalow in an old mill community two years ago. With its modest 1600 square feet, they were able to craft a home office for her out of half of a guest room. Her office is one of the happiest places in the house. With white walls, white curtains, and loads of natural light, the bright airiness to the room puts Ashleigh instantly in a good mood. She recently refurbished a mid-century modern desk in cherry laminate with plastic drawer pulls using light grey chalk paint and gold leaf paint. It transformed the space into the perfect spot for her to run her Etsy stationery business, With Wonder Paper, and makes her smile each time she sits down to work each day.

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