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KRYSTAL offers a range of products that provide great value at good prices all year long.

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Boardwalk Wall-Mount Toilet Seat Cover

by Krystal


Select a sturdy wall-mountable toilet seat cover dispenser to provide customers with a more sanitary restroom. Access to toilet seat covers prevents waste, eliminating the need to create makeshift covers from paper towels or toilet tissue. Toilet seat cover dispensers provide an economical restroom solution for demanding consumers.

  • Overall: 11.5'' H x 16'' W x 3'' D
  • Overall Product Weight: 0.82lb.

Urinal Screen

by Krystal

Rated 5 out of 5 stars.


Shields, protects and deodorizes urinal. Highly flexible; molds to the shape of any urinal.

  • Overall: 2'' H x 9.8'' W x 9.6'' D
  • Overall Product Weight: 1.9lb.

Urinal Screen WidthNon-Para Cleaner Block, 12 Screens/Box

by Krystal

Rated 5 out of 5 stars.


Deodorizes, cleans and prevents scale buildup. Every flush tints the water blue, while healthful bacteria eliminate odors and maintain drain lines. Screen traps debris. Lasts up to 1,500 flushes.

  • Overall: 10.3'' H x 8.8'' W x 7.3'' D
  • Overall Product Weight: 3.49lb.

Toilet Bowl Blocks, 12/Box

by Krystal


Toilet bowl deodorizer has plastic hanger with pressure-sensitive clip to hold paradichlorobenzene block in place. Cellophane wrapped to keep block intact€”no chipped pieces to clog toilet. Air-activated paradichlorobenzene block is saturated with liquid deodorants to freshen the air.

  • Overall Product Weight: 3.3lb.

Urinal Screens WidthDeodorizer Block, 12 Screens/Box

by Krystal


Out of Stock

Protects and deodorizes. Pliable screen traps debris. Nonsplash design. Para deodorizer kills odor-causing bacteria, cleans and helps sanitize and disinfect. Lasts up to 30 days.

  • Overall: 11.4'' H x 8.7'' W x 7.3'' D
  • Overall Product Weight: 3.53lb.