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your Home with Wallpaper!

Have you been trying to find out where to buy wallpaper for your home? Luckily, Wayfair has you covered with all kinds of stylish wallpaper for walls in your home! Decorating with wallpaper is a fun way to give a different feel to a room, bring in a unique pattern, or to act as a temporary statement piece for a renters unit.

A lot of people think that wallpaper has gone out of style, but that is simply not the case. At Wayfair, our selection of home wallpaper will make you and your friends rethink the way you have viewed wallpaper. Find modern colors, patterns, styles, and adhesive types of wallpaper that can complement any home and style! You are not limited in using wallpaper for walls only, you can decorate the back of your armoire, kitchen cabinets, or on the outside of your furniture! The options are endless when you find the right wall paper for your home. Looking for home wallpaper inspiration? Let us help you find it!

home wallpaper

Do you have cabinet or shelving unit that is open, meaning it does not have doors on it? Have you always wondered if there was some creative way to spruce up the look of said storage unit? Find wallpaper that you love and that will stand out and line the back of the unit with the wallpaper. Whether you are storing books, dishes, or keepsakes on the shelves, adding the wallpaper background can change the entire look and feel of the room. This is just one small way you can use home wallpaper creatively throughout your home.

Wall papers

Of course you can also use wallpaper for walls in your home. At Wayfair, our selection of wallpaper is beyond what most people think about when it comes to traditional styles. You can use embossed wall panels to create a textured look in your home. Imagine making a statement wall in nearly any room of your home with an embossed wall panel set. Some of these are even paintable, so you can get creative with the color choices as well.

home wallpaper for furniture

Another way to take advantage of the nearly endless design options with wallpaper is by using it to refurbish older furniture. Do you have a dresser, end table, or coffee table that could use some DIY love? One simple way to bring a new look to your furniture is by covering front facing, flat panels in your favorite wallpaper. You can either attach the wallpaper to the wood directly or place the wallpaper on a thin board which can be placed under a glass plate and changed out for holidays or seasons.

Who said wall paper couldn’t be just as fun as paint or other home décor mediums? Have fun shopping throughout large online selection of wallpaper for sale. Remember, most orders over $49.00 qualify for free shipping!