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Utility sinks are a nice added fixture to your home. What exactly are utility sinks? They are often larger sinks found in basements or laundry rooms and are useful for messier actions where sinks are needed. Smaller handwash stations are also referred to as utility sinks in addition to shampoo sinks. Let’s look at the different types available to you:

utility sink

It is up to you on why you might need a larger utility sink but some common uses are to rinse stains found on clothes. This can be helpful since you won’t need to travel from the washing machine to the kitchen sink in order to rinse the stains out. Beyond rinsing stains, you might use a laundry sink for cleaning up after kids’ crafts, washing a small dog, or scrubbing outdoor gardening tools. It is also another place to fill the mop bucket!

utility sink

Handwash stations are another type of utility sink. These are much smaller and meant mainly for washing hands quickly. These are great as a secondary sink in your home’s kitchen as a quick place to wash your hands. You also might install a utility sink like this in a restaurant kitchen or bathroom.

utility sink

Regardless of the type of utility sink you choose, you should also be aware of the installations methods available to you. Some sinks are free standing. Meaning that they stand alone and do not need to be attached anywhere beyond setting up the plumbing to ensure the sink works properly, you won’t have much else to do. Wall mount implies that the sink is mounted to the wall. Two other popular installation types are drop-in and undermount. Drop in sinks are placed in the selected area, and the edges of the sink rest on the countertop. For an undermount sink, the sink is placed in the chosen area and the countertop covers the edges of the sink.

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