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Small Pet Housing

Small Pet Housing

Small Pet Housing for

Sometimes it’s easier to have a small pet as opposed to a dog or cat since they need less space, require less maintenance, and can be just as fun to own. Whether your favorite small pet is a rabbit, hamster, guinea pig, or ferret, Wayfair has plenty of housing options for them. Browse through our selection to find the perfect new house for your little pet.
Rabbit and guinea pig cages

Cages: Wayfair sells cages suited for every type of small pet including ferrets, hamsters, rats, chinchillas, and mice. Additionally, we sell cages of all sizes for those that need a cage to fit in their small apartment or a cage for the backyard. Choose from metal rabbit cages, ferret cages, hamster cages or guinea pig cages with multiple levels and ramps. Each is the perfect place for your small pet to call home.

Wood rabbit hutch

Hutches: Want to give your rabbit or guinea pig a new place to stay in your yard? If so, you need to check out the selection of guinea pig and rabbit hutches at Wayfair. Most hutches are two levels with a fenced in space downstairs, which gives your small pet room to roam and enjoy the grass, and a cozy house upstairs for your pet to sleep in. Choose from hutches in a variety of wood finishes including light wood, dark wood, and even white paint.

Hamster cage modular habitat

Modular Habitats: Need a fun home for your gerbil, hamster, or mouse? Wayfair has a great collection of small and large modular habitats that are perfect for your small sized pet. We have a number of hamster cage habitats that include a running wheel, water fountain, ramp, and lookout deck. Some of the habitats also include maze tunnels for your small pet to run through. The tunnels make for hours of entertainment. In addition, since most of the modular habitats are so small, you can easily take the cage and your hamster or gerbil with you on trips.

Rabbit and guinea pig playpen

Playpens: Give your rabbit, ferret, or guinea pig some space to play outside in the grass with a new small pet playpen from Wayfair! We carry wooden rabbit pens, wire guinea pig pens, and extra-large outdoor runs that can house a variety of small sized pets. No matter which pet you have, they’ll love spending time in their playpen. The pens also are a great way to contain guinea pigs or rabbits at a petting zoo.