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If you are looking to add additional color to the inside or outside of your home, flowers or plants are one of the best ways to do it. You can find the perfect planters for your flowers on Planters allow you the option to practice container gardening anywhere, so if you live in an urban area but have some sunshine by way of a roof deck or small porch, planters are a wonderful option. The second benefit to planters is just how much they improve the ambiance of the area they are in. You can grow indoor plants such as cacti, succulents, or outdoor plants like annuals, perennials, or plant bulbs.

If you are looking to decorate an inside room in your home such as the living room, you can purchase smaller planter boxes or wall mounted planters.These will add a memorable touch when guests come over and also make relaxing in your living room at the end of a long day a bit more pleasant. Of course, planters are great for outside areas of your property as well. Placing large planters on your porch along with outdoor seating can create a gloriously colorful environment. You can also place concrete planters within your garden to add a touch of stylish décor to it. Planters are also great by front doors or walkways. Let’s look at a few specific planters available on Wayfair so that you can get your flowers and plants blooming right away!

large planters

Large or Tall Planters: These are the perfect option for an outdoor garden or seating area in addition to any indoor spot with significant space. Being large in width or height, they stand out for guests to see. Most large planters are water resistant and crack proof. If you are placing a large planter indoors, you could find a spot in the corner of your living room or hallway to add extra flare and take up a corner that otherwise would have nothing there.

Planter Stands

Planter Stands: Stands come in all shapes, sizes, and dimensions creating a beautiful resting area for the flowers you’re growing. This is also a décor item that you can use indoors or outdoors. You could find a stylish option such as a mini truck or wheel barrow planter. Vertical planters are another stand-like option that fit nicely on patios or in backyard gardens.

Planter pots

Planter Pots or Boxes: A planter pot is one of the most common types of planters. They come in a variety of materials such as ceramic, wood, concrete, terra cotta, metal, and plastic. We have a variety of color and size options to match any décor. You can find round or oval planters that fit tradition, modern, or rustic styles. Planter boxes are very similar to pots but have a more square or rectangular shape to them.

hanging planters

Hanging Planters: Hanging planters are designed in such a way that they have a hook at the top in order for you to hang them from a detached hook on the outside of your home. Hanging planters are especially nice either in the front or back entryways so that when people approach your home they are welcomed by lovely flowers. You can find hanging planters made from metal, plastic, or ceramic.

Window Boxes

Window Boxes: Window boxes are placed at the bottom of the window sill and hang over the outside of your home. When guests walk by, they will see your flowers growing from your wonderful window boxes. If you are looking for flowers to place on the outside of your home but do not have the windows to do it, you could consider outdoor wall planters that attach to the side of your home and provide a nice look. You can use wall planters indoors as well.


Terrariums: Planting in terrariums is a type of container gardening which allows you to grow plants indoors. There are open or closed terrariums and the ones you get depend on the plants you are trying to grow. Glass terrariums allow you to see the masterpiece you create as it progresses. We also sell terrariums made for the outdoors; you may choose to hang it from a tree in your backyard.

Whichever planter type you choose, Wayfair is the perfect destination. We have a wide selection of planter boxes and pots in addition to hanging planters and wall planters so that you can create a glorious and welcoming indoor or outdoor area. Remember, all orders over $49 ship free!