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Your dining room is one of the most important rooms in your home because it is where your family gathers together to share a meal and for special events. It is important to find a dining room table, as well as dining room chairs, that are large enough for your home and make people feel welcome and comfortable.There are many different styles of dining room chairs to match the décor in in your home. At Wayfair, you can find everything from formal and traditional to relaxed and modern dining room chairs to decorate your dining room.

You will want to find a dining room table that matches your personal style and that you can hold onto for many years. Often times, families will even pass down their old dining room sets to the next generation. Our wide selection of dining room and dinette chairs look great in homes of many different styles.

dining room chairs
Kitchen chairs are made from many different types of material, including wood, fabric and plastic. Each type of dining room chair has a specific benefit based on the material. For example, plastic and wood chairs are easy to clean and look great in a modern or traditional home; whereas, fabric chairs are the most comfortable to sit on, except they absorb spills and stains. Make sure that the material you choose is commensurate with the amount of time and energy you will dedicate to caring for them.
kitchen chairs
If you find it difficult to decide on an appropriate chair material, then you can always start by thinking about the end users, which could be your family or friends. For example, if you have children then you may want to purchase lighter chairs that are easily to climb in and out of so they will be able to move the chairs on their own. You can also consider the height of who will be sitting in the chairs in order to make a decision about the appropriate height of the back of the chair. Remember, you want your dining room chairs and kitchen chairs to be comfortable and stylish.
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Purchasing your dining room chairs and table together is a great option to make sure that they coordinate with one another; however, if you decide to purchase them separately make sure there is some consistency in the design. Let’s say you have a traditional dining room chair with ornate design, then you most likely would not want to pair the table with modern dining chairs or metal chairs. You can pair comfortable and luxurious leather chairs or upholstered chairs with wooden tables to make an elegant statement in a more traditional dining room, however you should consider the overall style of the room. If you decide that a farmhouse dining table is more your style - you will want to make sure that you don't buy upholstered traditional chairs, but go with either a wooden bench or rustic chair design.
parson chairs
Parson chairs are popular options for dining room chairs because of their simplistic design, comfortability and versatility. Parson chairs can blend in with many different designs, from modern to contemporary, which make them the perfect option for many different homes. Pairing parson chairs with a simple table creates a contemporary or modern look in your home. These armless dining room chairs can give your home a sleek and sophisticated style, while also incorporating warm natural tones into your home.