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Cribs became popular through the 1800s, as family homes started to have more rooms. Once families began moving into and building bigger homes with more rooms, babies were given separate rooms. This created a need for baby beds. Prior to this time period, most families choose bassinets for babies to sleep in.
Your baby’s crib is the most important item in the nursery. The crib is where your baby will spend a great deal of time, and it helps keep your baby safe while sleeping. A new crib is the central part of every nursery and most likely your baby’s first type of bed. Typically, a baby is in a crib until about 18 to 24 months old.
Wayfair offers a variety of different types of cribs for sale that cater to all your baby’s crib needs, providing both comfort and style. Finding a nice crib for your baby should be easy. At Wayfair, we offer some of the following crib types: convertible cribs, crib and changing table combos, portable & mini cribs, and completed nursery furniture sets. Prior to making a decision on the best type of baby crib for you, think about your behavior as parents and how you prefer to operate throughout the day. For example, if you plan on changing your baby most on your bed or floor’ maybe you do not need a crib with a changing table or an entire nursery furniture set.
Convertible Cribs

Convertible Cribs: This type of crib for a baby turns from a crib into a toddler bed and is a great addition to the nursery. Most common convertible cribs are 2-in-1, 3-in-1, and 4-in-1. Purchasing a crib that grows with your child is a practical way to get some extra value for your investment. They also tend to be heavy duty so that they can support larger mattresses if needed.

Crib with Changing Table Combo

Crib with Changing Table Combo: Purchasing a crib and changer combo means you buy a baby crib that has a small changing table attached. If you know you have a smaller nursery room, this crib is a great way to maximize your room layout since shelving and drawer space come with it. A key difference from a convertible crib is that a crib and change table combo does not become a toddler bed and grow with your baby.

Portable & Mini Cribs

Portable & Mini Cribs: Depending on the style, you can travel with some portable cribs. For traveling parents, this is a very helpful feature. Also, if you are working with limited space in your nursery, small cribs help a great deal. This will depend on the size of your baby; however, mini cribs have fit babies until that 18 month to 24 month milestone before.

Nursery Sets

Nursery Sets: Nursery sets typically come in 2 pieces or 3 pieces with a crib, dresser and/or changing table. The majority of sets on Wayfair are between $250 and $500 with options outside of this price range as well.

Whether you’re looking for modern, convertible, portable, or any other type of crib, Wayfair is your one-stop shop. Finding the perfect crib to both complement your nursery and comfort your child will not be difficult. Browse our selections of cribs for sale from all different styles, materials, and collections. You don’t want to miss out on finding the perfect crib.