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Crib Bedding

Crib Bedding

Crib Bedding

You might approach outfitting your nursery with crib bedding similar to the way you approach buying bedding for yourself. However, there are some important points to understand first. The most essential baby bedding item is fitted crib sheets. You will want to have a few of these for convenience reasons. When one pair is in the wash, you can use a second pair immediately rather than waiting. Other helpful items are crib bumpers and skirts. The main difference between your bedding purchase and one for your baby is that your baby will not sleep with top sheets, quilts, or pillows. If crib bedding sets include these items, it is for decorative purposes or other use cases when your baby is not sleeping.
Babies spend a lot of time in their cribs sleeping, so surrounding them with bedding that is comforting and soothing is important. Basic places to start are fitted sheets. Then choose decorative items like wallpaper, wall hangings, and mobiles.
At Wayfair, we want to provide you with a zillion options to choose from. When it comes to baby bedding, below are some of our most common options:
Baby Bedding Set

Baby Bedding Sets: Crib bedding sets come with essential items and various bedding decorations. It really depends on the set you choose. All sets tend to include basic items such as crib sheets, bumpers, and skirts. In addition to baby bedding essentials, sets can come with a diaper stacker, décor pillows, toy bag, window valances, quilts or blankets, wall hangings, and mobiles. Also, you can browse crib bedding for boys, girls or neutral. For baby boy crib bedding, you might choose colors like blue or orange, while girl crib bedding colors tend to be pink or purple. Neutral crib bedding might include green or white.

Crib Sheets

Crib Sheets: A crib sheet is the most essential bedding item you purchase for your baby’s nursery. In general, crib sheets are all fitted, so if you have a standard size crib mattress, fitted crib sheets will work. If your crib mattress is a different size such as mini, oval or round, then fitted crib sheets will not work for you. If you aren’t looking to purchase a crib bedding set, we recommend starting with crib sheets and adding other decorative items from there.


Blankets: Wayfair has a variety of baby blankets to choose from. Some options include swaddle / receiving, or stroller blankets. Baby blankets become take on many uses. Blankets are call receiving blankets from the nature of “receiving” a baby at birth. They tend to be either square or rectangular and very thin so that the blanket can be wrapped around the baby to help them stay warm.

Crib Bumpers

Crib Bumpers: Crib bumpers are the padded layer that is placed around the crib and prevents your baby from slipping through open rails when they are very little. If your crib has rails on all four sides, you will tie crib bumpers onto the rails on each side. Wayfair has a wide variety of crib bumpers to choose from, allowing you to drill down on your search by gender, color, as well as crib type. Whether you have a standard, mini, round, or oval crib, head over to the bumpers page and use the filters on the left to find what you are looking for.