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Ceiling Fans

Ceiling Fans

Cool down with a stylish ceiling fan for your home! Browse our collection of ceiling fans to find everything you need, including many types of indoor and outdoor ceiling fans. We also have ceiling light fixtures, accessories, and blades available that are guaranteed to enhance the style and performance of your ceiling fan. Find the best ceiling fan for your home at Wayfair. Be sure to sort our products by attribute to find ceiling fans and ceiling fan accessories to compliment the décor of your home, while effectively circulating air to keep you cool.

indoor ceiling fan

Whatever your style, we the ceiling fan to suit your home décor. We have many options that you look for in an indoor fan to help you stay cool. Things like number of blades, blade span, blade pitch, and ceiling height all matter and should be taken into account when deciding on an indoor ceiling fan.

outdoor ceiling fan for patios, porches and pergolas

Outdoor ceiling fans help cool down patios, and other outdoor living spaces! Most of our selection of outdoor ceiling fans are either wet-rated or damp-rated. Wet-rated means the fan can withstand the elements without rust or deterioration, while damp-rated means the fans can work in muggy or humid conditions. Shop our selection of outdoor ceiling fans to find the best match for your décor that also keeps you cool.

Bathroom ceiling fans

Bathroom ceiling fans can help with steamy bathrooms and provides proper ventilation. Some bathroom fans even provide heat! If you’re looking for a bathroom fan with a light, we have those too. Whatever you need, we have a bathroom light with fan for you.

Fan remotes & wall controls for ceiling fans

Fan remotes & wall controls for ceiling fans help you easily control the speed of your fan! We have many ceiling fans with many options to choose from, including wall mounted, remote control, and wall mount and remote combos.

ceiling fan light kits

Ceiling fan light kits are a great option for customers needing light in their room as well as a fan. We have ceiling fan light fixtures to fit all types of fans, including bulb base, bulb shade, and ceiling fan styles to match your ceiling fan and your room.