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Whether you're adding an extra bed for a growing toddler, or just trying to make the most of your guest room for when friends and family visits, a bunk bed is the ultimate space saver for a children’s bedroom. Kids also tend to get really exciting about having one in their room. Bunk beds are great because they give each child their own sleeping space, as opposed to making them share a queen or full size bed. They also allow for convenience when your child has a friend sleepover that friend is guaranteed a comfortable place to sleep. Loft beds are a little different from bunk beds. Rather than have two beds on top of each other, loft beds only have a bed on the top. The large area underneath the bed allows for open space which you or your kids can choose what to do with it. There are a ton of benefits to using toddler bunk beds or loft beds, but how do you know which one to choose? If you're opting for a bunk bed, you probably want to make the most out of the space that you have. Here are some features and options to think about when choosing one:

Length and Height of Beds
Length and Height of Beds: You don't want to have to replace the bed every time a kid has a growth spurt, so make sure that the length/depth of the bunk bed can accommodate some growth. Additionally, pay attention to the distance between the top and lower bunk, to make sure that as your kids get taller, they won't bump their heads on the top bunk bed. Along the same lines, make sure to measure your kids' room from floor to ceiling. You don't want the top bed to be too close to the rooms' ceiling, ceiling lights or ceiling fans. From a practical standpoint it makes the bed hard to use, and can be a safety concern. If your room is too short for a traditional bunk bed, consider a bed with a trundle bed that rolls out from underneath.
Loft Beds
Loft Beds: Lofted beds are a type of bunk bed that only have an upper bed allowing space underneath them for a desk or storage area. They are a great way to maximize the amount of space saved in a kids' room. Since toddler rooms are typically the secondary bedroom in a home, they tend to have limited space to work with. The space under a loft bed is useful and it is up to you how you use it. You might want to place a desk underneath it to allow for your child to study, read, and do homework in the bedroom. You could also place a dresser underneath if there is no space for it in other parts of the room. Some additional ideas for the extra space a loft bed provides are to use it for toy storage with various buckets, or use it as a spot to relax with a small bean bag chair or couch.
Bunk Bed with Trundle
Bunk Bed with Trundle: If you are outfitting a room in a summer home and need a lot of beds but have little space or if two siblings are sharing a room, a bunk bed with a trundle bed is a great investment. Here, you still have your standard bunk beds stacked over each other but you also have a smaller trundle bed that pulls out below the first bed. This is great for siblings who share a room because it allows for a third bed if a friend ends up sleeping over. Also, if you are outfitting the room of a summer house, that extra bed for guests can go a long way.
3 Bed Bunk Beds
3 Bed Bunk Beds:A 3 bed bunk bed (also known as a triple bunk bed) is another useful option if you are looking to maximize limited space. Rather than having a trundle bed, typically 3 beds are stacked on top of each other or the two beds on the top bunk form a right angle. These are very useful; however, remember to make sure to check the height and lengths of the one you choose and compare dimensions with the room dimensions you have to work with.
Bunk Bed Stairs and Ladders

Bunk Bed Stairs and Ladders: If you're looking to save additional space and skip a kids dresser, we carry a lot of bunk bed models that have storage available. A great way to save on space is to look for a bunk bed with drawers in the stairs. Additionally, we have many models that include kids' desks and armoires. Some considerations when thinking about going with a bunk bed with a ladder are: the angle of the ladder, is it removable, and how will it affect bunk bed placement in a room.

Boys’ Bunk Beds
Boys’ Bunk Beds: While most of the bunk beds available on Wayfair.com are gender neutral, we offer some specifically for boys. Usually it will be the color or the theme that makes it a better fit for a male. The bunk bed to the left is great for boys because the car theme would be something that really excites them.
Girls’ Bunk Beds
Girls’ Bunk Beds: We also carry female specific bunk beds. The primary differences are also in the color and theme. Bunk beds for girls tend to be white, pink, purple, or other light colors. They also might follow a princess theme. Regardless of the gender, you can also pick options that have twin over twin bunks beds, or twin over full where the bottom bunk is a full size bed.
Bunk Bed Finish Material
Bunk Bed Finish Material: When choosing a bunk bed you have three main options for the material. Wayfair carries beds made of wood, manufactured wood, and metal. All are great choices and the decision is a matter of preference. A wooden bunk bed is made of plain wood, while manufactured wood has some added materials depending on the kind. It is important to consider the different looks a wood or metal bed portrays. Whichever is most exciting and fits your current room, go with it!

We hope this guide has given you some useful information to reference while shopping for your bunk bed online. Feel free to reach out to our Customer Service representatives if you have specific questions about a product.

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