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The Elite Collection
The Elite is a signature design that represents the high roller lifestyle. This isn't your Thursday night garage game table. The Elite will boldly stand proud in any game room or throw the oval dining top over it for your living, dining, or conference room. What makes the Elite unlike anything else on the market? Start off with the 7" wide vivid burgundy armrest and mounted jumbo brass cup holders. Moving from the armrest in towards the center of the table, there is a quick change in elevation as the playing area dips down below the arm rail giving the Elite a pit feel to it. A small accent racetrack covered in scratch proof black gloss paint surrounds the removable playing surface. The CNC cut claw legs and optional oval dining or conference top are also finished in the piano black gloss paint. With its unique features and unbeatable value, there's no question why we call it the Elite.
  • Black gloss finish
  • Cup holder
  • Vivid burgundy armrest