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Red, White, and Blue Sorbet Floats

by Liren Baker

Liren Baker is the voice behind the blog Kitchen Confidante, where she shares taste and inspiration in the kitchen. Inspired by the beauty of food, what it represents, what it invokes, and what we can create out of it, she shares recipes and images that remind her of her heritage, her childhood in New York, and the vibrant culinary culture she has learned to embrace in the San Francisco Bay Area, where she currently lives.

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  • Back in my brain, archived away, are fond memories of East Coast summers. The kind that leave you perspiring from the heat of the day...where the setting sun seems to trap the sweltering heat into the evening. Summer nights meant playing late until the lightening bugs emerged, running in the cool grass with bare feet to catch them in jelly jars.

    July always seemed especially hot, and also the most relaxed. By July, we had gotten used to the idea of relaxation, and school was still a far way off. And of course, there's the 4th of July.
  • sorbet
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  • Red, white, and blue. Sparklers. Fireworks. Barbeques and picnics, in the backyard and by the shore. The best reasons to gather with friends and family.
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  • As a child, I was always fascinated by root beer floats, but to be honest, I found them heavy with each sip. If only I had known about these red, white, and blue berry sorbet floats!

    Layers of patriotic sorbet--red raspberry and white coconut, with the bluest blueberries (frozen, ideally)--each sip is refreshing and light, and so, so festive. Make it a part of your 4th of July celebration, indulge in each sparkly sip and wiggle those toes in the cool grass. You'll be cooling off in no time.
  • sorbet floats
    Photo: Liren Baker
  • Red, White, and Blue Sorbet Floats

    1 pint raspberry sorbet
    1 pint coconut sorbet
    1 pint blueberries (fresh or frozen)
    Your favorite sparkling juice, soda, or wine

    Use an ice cream scoop to place a small scoop of raspberry sorbet in each glass. Drop in some blueberries, followed by a small scoop of coconut sorbet. Layer with more blueberries and one final scoop of raspberry sorbet. Pour in your favorite sparkling beverage. Serve immediately.

    Sparkling juices and sodas work well for kids of all ages. But if you're hosting an elegant dinner celebration, why not sparkle things up with sparkling wine? Italian prosecco and Spanish cava are excellent choices that won't break the bank.
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