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Everything you need to know about coupons at Wayfair

You never need a promo code to access our free shipping for orders of $49 or more, which is valid every day and includes large items such as furniture.* All orders under $49 ship at a flat $4.99 rate.

Wayfair generally does not offer promo codes for discounts on products. We don’t want you to have to search all over the internet to find a great deal. We try to offer all our best sales right here on site.

Daily Sales

Most of our discounts and sales are run on site through our Daily Sales, which start each day at 12 pm Eastern and run for about 72 hours. The best way to find out about Daily Sales is to sign up by email.

Wayfair Rewards

Another way to save on Wayfair products is by joining the Wayfair Rewards program to get 3% back on all purchases.


Be sure to check out our Clearance Outlet for overstock or open box items at a heavy discount.

*Some exclusions apply, such as commercial items, home improvement, large fixtures, non-standard items, and deliveries outside the continental U.S. If shipping costs apply, they are indicated on product description and checkout pages. Read more on our Shipping Policy or our Return Policy.