Help! Door Paint Ideas
Dana Miller
Help! Door Paint Ideas
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Spring is finally here in Ohio. Hip-hip-hooray! Recently, I’ve turned my attention to the outdoors—namely a plain-Jane patio off the back of our house. There is a set of french doors that leads from the patio to our mudroom/dining room. Currently, the doors are white but they could use a fresh coat of paint to bring them to life. Here’s what I’m working with…

The french doors need a fresh coat of paint.

I told you this space needs help. Ahhhhhhhh!!! I’ve been browsing the web for painted door inspiration and I’ve come up with a few color options that I think could work well with the red brick exterior.

A yellow painted door is a unique and happy choice. Photo Credit: Better Homes & Gardens

Mustard isn’t a typical door color but it stands out as happy and modern against red brick. But would it be too awkward on a set of french doors at the back of the house? Hmmmm.

A red front door welcomes guests. Photo Credit: Apartment Therapy

A red door can feel cheerful and welcoming. Again, I’m not sure if the back of the house is the appropriate place for red doors. Thoughts? If I went red, I would have to be careful and choose a brighter red so that it wouldn’t look like I was trying to match the deep red brick. I’d want the doors to stand out!

You can never go wrong with gloss black doors. Photo Credit: Shelterness

Black is a classic choice. I’d probably opt for a high gloss finish for added sheen. But would it be too safe?

Gray painted doors give a modern edge. Photo Credit: Brooklyn Limestone

Lately, I’m drawn to charcoal exterior doors. The dark gray feels more modern than black but is still a nice contrast against red brick and white trim.

Ink gray lends a moody feel. Photo Credit: New Retail Blog

Going another step further and finding inspiration in the form of a commercial exterior, a deep inky gray is an unusual and masculine choice for exterior doors or trim. It looks great next to red brick and I’m a total sucker for high contrast.

What are your thoughts on painting my french doors? Any suggestions?


- Dana

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Leave Your Thoughts (12 Comments)

  1. Meagan S ·

    I would say either the yellow or the charcoal. Black and red are too common. I also don’t love red with brick. Yellow would be fun but if you want to play it safe while being different I think charcoal is a great choice.

  2. I love the idea of going with the inky blue/gray. Our back door has been in dire need of a fresh coat of paint, but I was struggling with pairing a color to our brick exterior. I’m loving the color from the Madewell storefont. I’m going to start hunting down that color! :)

  3. Renae ·

    My friend is painting her front door and has the same red brick that you do. I had suggested this SAME color to her and I think that’s what she’s going with. How about the same blue Chris Loves Julia used in their kitchen? It would be a great tie in with the yellow you’re using in your HD challenge pillow. Red, yellow and blue. Anyone who majored in design (even if only for a semester) knows that this works! :)

  4. Sarah J. ·

    Ooo…I think Navy looks great with red brick exteriors. My second choice would be matte gray.

  5. Brittney ·

    I love a black door against brick but the grey really caught my eye in the inspiration picture!

  6. Gracie ·

    I vote Charcoal

  7. I choose black because of the colors from your patio board. I think black works best with your color palette. Can’t wait to see what you decide.

  8. Stephanie ·

    I vote for the inky gray. I think it would look great.

  9. Brit - houseupdated.com ·

    Mustard, girl! Not awkard, just cheerful. Actually, any of your color choices would look good (except the red – not enough contrast with brick). Good luck – you always make good choices!

  10. Lori ·

    Definately a variation of gray. I love seeing bright colors on doors, but after awhile, I would tire of it.

  11. Kate ·

    Deep charcoal or ink grey would be my vote. I have use this as the trim on the front of my red brick (a bit darker than yours) semi for about 6 years now and am just refreshing it with the same colour as I love it so much. It’s super practical as it doesn’t show the dust that settles on the edges and is easy to hose off plus it looks really smart. If you go this route consider a semi-gloss rather than a full gloss as I’ve found it seems to give the charcoal tones greater depth.

  12. Jodi ·

    I really like the inky gray the best. Also like the grey.