Easter Projects
Jules Kendall
Easter Projects
Photo Credit: Raspberri Cupcakes
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I’m sorry, but the rumors are true: Easter is less than one week away. There is nothing to be done about it, either, because I’ve checked. If you are organized, you’re confirming your plans and putting the finishing touches on your Easter baskets. If you’re not, hi! I’m pretty sure I’ll be bumping into you later at an end-cap.

Organized or not, let’s pretend your significant other turned to you after watching your favorite romantic comedy and said they would handle all the food, all the baskets, all the outfits, and all the schedule coordinating between families if you could please just make Easter crafts to your heart’s content. Which crafts would you pick? Would you bake? Would you garden? Would you sew or draw or do something quirky?

I’ve picked one of each in hopes you have the time to try at least one between now and Easter. They’re simple and beautiful and creative. Who knows, maybe you’ll be able to do all five! It may sound impossible, but Sunday is all about celebrating a miracle.


If you’re going to craft on short notice, make it serve double duty. These Cheesecake filled eggs by Raspberri Cupcakes are part of a lovely tablescape and also dessert.

These Grass Eggs by Andrea Howe of For the Love Of are great place card holders and work well as natural centerpieces, too. It’s a little late to start this project for Easter, but what’s so great about this craft is that it’s something that works throughout the season of spring.

Amy of NanaCompany never disappoints with her holiday crafts, and this Easter banner is not different. She offers her readers a lovely download so they can make one of their own, and it’s a great way to use scraps of fabric too pretty to toss.

Ez of Creature Comforts has come up with such a fantastic way to use the patterned masking tape none of us can seem to keep from buying. (Guilty!) Ez generously provides a template for those who want to try this craft at home, and it’s so simple and easy that there is no reason not to give it a go before Easter.

This message in an egg tutorial by Present & Correct (via Poppytalk) is still fantastic three years later, which in blog-years is 2.5 decades.

Now you’re ready for Easter—maybe not this year, but certainly next :)

- Jules, Pancakes & French Fries

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