Spring Musings
Erika Johnson
Spring Musings
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I snapped the above photo in my town just a few weeks ago.  Like much of New England, our town had twenty-six inches of snow dumped on it.  I’ve been ready for spring break ever since.

While my days of school vacation have passed, I believe a spring excursion is good for the soul.  Let’s take a virtual trip to five destinations to which I long to travel!

1.  Amalfi Coast, Italy

Photo Credit: National Geographic

The dramatic coastline and colorful architecture are otherworldly.  My ideal days would be spent dipping in the aquamarine sea, sipping vino at a quaint café and taking long walks through the winding pathways connecting the hidden gardens of Amalfi.  Doesn’t it look like a dream?

2. Palm Springs, CA

Photo Credit: PR Web

While European vacations are not always in the cards, I’m also drawn to more local destinations.  While I’ve visited California many times, I have yet to discover the beauty of Palm Springs.  Snow capped mountains dotting the warm, blue horizon creates a visual feast.  My husband would have a ball on the many world-class golf courses, while I would be perfectly content with a magazine by the infinite pool.

3.  Telluride, CO

Another stateside journey I would love to make leads to the mountain of Telluride.  Averaging three hundred inches of snow and three hundred days of sunshine each year, this place is a skier’s paradise.  After enjoying the après scene in town, I would take a snow coach back to the mountain for dinner to enjoy the twinkling lights of the buildings below.  Bliss!

4.  Palma de Mallorca, Spain

Photo Credit: CIEE

Let’s journey back to Europe, shall we?  The walled city of Palma sits on the southernmost tip of the island of Majorca.  After seeing the religious sites and many art museums in the city, I would play a game of tennis before visiting one of the nearby beaches.

5. Paris, France

Photo Credit: Frommers

I have never visited Paris!  I dream of opening French doors to a morning view of the Eiffel Tower and enjoying a lunchtime Croque Madame at a café along the Seine.  I’m inclined to pack my bags as I type!

Have you traveled to any of these destinations before?  Where would your dream spring vacation take you?

- Erika

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