A Red & Pink Affair
Erika Johnson
A Red & Pink Affair
Photo Credit: Radiant Republic
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Valentine’s Day is somewhat of a polarized holiday.  While it either tugs at some heartstrings and triggers queasiness in others, I’ve been a Conversation Heart wielding fan for life.

Why, you ask?

On February 14, everyone flies my all-time favorite color combination: pink and red. (Ahem. Have you seen my logo?)  My affinity for Valentine’s Day may also have something to do with chocolate and hearts, but I’ve always been smitten with rosy hues.  Almost as much as interiors.

Do you want to know what happens when the two worlds collide?  Total magic.

Photo Credit: The Modlin Group

I feel like the designer of this kitchen and I are kindred spirits because I, too, would boldly punctuate the impeccable custom milled wood and stainless cabinetry with that saucy red.  Can you guess which Manhattan-based celebrity just put this home on the market?

Photo Credit: Vogue Australia

Hamish Bowles has perfected the use of whimsical pops of pink to create a romantic and sophisticated, not childlike, living space. I adore his Manhattan apartment and superb collage of books and photographs.

These high gloss cherry chairs are outrageously whimsical!  The neon pink dining table and matching accented island are breathtaking.  They turn an otherwise sterile space into a bold, adventurous home.

Do brilliantly mixed patterns make your heart race, too?  There are loads of textures, layers and bold colors in this room, but they don’t overwhelm the senses.  This is what we call “design genius”.

Tell me, readers: have I successfully pleaded my case?  Are you on board with flying our pink and red flags year-round via home décor?  Or should this sugary sweet palette be relegated to February 14?  Comment away!

- Erika

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