Storing Holiday Ornaments & Decorations
Cristin Priest
Storing Holiday Ornaments & Decorations
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We’ve been focused on decorating our homes for the holidays the past few weeks. Once the festivities have past, cleaning up is a chore we can’t ignore and many of us dread.

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Packing and storing holiday ornaments, decorations, and dinnerware safely takes some planning and time. Here are some products and ideas to help you pack away holiday ornaments and decorations neatly and safely until next year.

1. I love how this 36 ornament chest has a top layer lift-out-tray to keep ornaments safe while providing easy access to lower tray.

2. With felt protectors or cardboard dividers, this dinner plate chest is a great option for storing precious holiday china after the holidays.

3. I want this holiday ornament organizer with three drawers for easy access; each shelf is able to hold 18 ornaments in its cubed cells, with a total capacity of 54 ornaments!

4. Keep lights stored neatly by winding each strand around a piece of cardboard cut to fit in your storage bin—such a great, simple solution! (photo credit: Martha Stewart).

5. This bag is perfect for storing and protecting fragile artificial wreaths!

6. Artificial trees are extremely popular and can be pricey. Protect your investment with a sturdy Christmas tree bag like this will fit an artificial tree up to 9 feet tall and keep it dust and moisture free.

*Packing Tips* While packing, discard items that are broken and can’t be fixed. If you find you don’t have enough storage space, consider donating items that aren’t sentimental. Once you have items packed, make sure to label all boxes, bins or bags (i.e. tree ornaments, Nativity scene, etc.) to make it easier to identify for next year.

Now that you’ve packed and organized your holiday ornaments, are you still buried in ribbons and gift wrap? Here are some ideas on creating a streamlined gift-wrap station.

Happy holidays & happy organizing!

- Cristin

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  1. With so much to think about before the holidays having everything well organized can make all the difference. I love the tree bag. So much nicer than a cardboard box plus much easier to get in and out of the attic.

  2. I like the hard containers for fraigle wreaths. Such as the ornament balls, and I have parasol wreath. That way if something sits on top it is safe.

  3. Delores Penn ·

    before I put anything away I lay everthing out. I then group and number the piles in the order I want to decorate for the next year. I fine tune all the way down to which ornaments I’m going to use. the items that are not going to be used go to the back of my ornament closet.It takea a lot of time but it is well worth it.