On Trend: Feminine Color
Kate Smith
On Trend: Feminine Color
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Do you ever think about living a simpler lifestyle? Do you ever think back to the brighter, happier, and easier times of your youth? Or long for relaxed times enjoyed with family and friends? The Past Replay palette could be a perfect way to satisfy those longings and be the antidote for a stress-filled life.

The Story Behind the Trend

Life doesn’t need to be fast-paced. These colors reflect a lifestyle focused on slowing
down, stressing less, and spending wisely. The ideas that unify this trend is a desire to live
life authentically. Our focus now is on creating sources of well being and happiness in
our lives.

Photo Credit: Sensational Color 2012-2013 Trends Report

The Trend Colors

Colors in this palette are down to earth, seem vintage or nostalgic, and appeal to our desire to live a simple, healthy lifestyle. Earthen, washed, hand-dyed, food, and fiber hues feel comfortable. These slightly grayed colors are more relaxed, naturally beautiful, and have a genuine feel that works well on its own or with embellishments. Cool hues calm and relax, making blue, green, and purple the go-to color families; warmer colors provide warmth and balance.

Photo Credit: Sensational Color 2012-2013 Trends Report

Bringing The Trend Home

Decor can be rustic, retro, or modern. Think of a modern take on traditional. The style is a blend of clean line contemporary, mid-century modern, and Hollywood glamour. The look is hand-dyed and organic. It may be created with the latest technology or crafted by hand. Add character with recycled, renewed, and reused products, which have vintage appeal and a nostalgic character that is as comforting as a well-worn quilt. The result is a space that is fresh, comfortable, and most importantly feminine without being fussy. Want to know more about this season’s color trends? Get a copy of the full trends report from Sensational Color.

- Kate

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Leave Your Thoughts (2 Comments)

  1. Mary ·

    I only mean this in a descriptive way, but that particular color trend is very “grubby” to me. It looks as though all the colors have had dust or mud added to them, to tone them down. That’s just the way my own eyes work, but the colors do not make me comfortable at all. I feel obliged to scrub everything.

  2. Nina ·

    On the other hand, for some of us, if the colors are not grayed down a little, they tend to look garish (although I’m trying to look at them as clean instead with some success I might add!).