The Color of Pumpkins
Kate Smith
The Color of Pumpkins
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Vibrant orange is the color that jumps to mind when we think of the portly pumpkin that symbolizes all things autumn.  Today, bright orange is only one of the many colors of pumpkins. There are varieties in shades from deep, robust scarlet to a light blue and ghostly white.

Wearing White After Labor Day

Coming on the scene only a dozen years ago, naturally white pumpkins, once an oddity found only at farmers’ markets, are now making their way into more and more homes and are becoming an autumn favorite.

Photo Credit Left: Burpee Photo Credit Right: Burpee

White pumpkins are a decorator’s dream because they are crisp, clean, and classic in any decor. They can be arranged atop sterling silver or can serve as a chic vase for a fall floral arrangement. Any way you display them, these ivory beauties are a must for your seasonal centerpiece or decoration.

Not So Little Boy Blue

Blue pumpkins are very striking and unusual.  Of all the non-traditional colors for pumpkins, blue seems to be the most unexpected. Blue pumpkins are gorgeous when mixed with their complementary orange cousins.

Photo Credit Left: Grows On You Photo Credit Right: Burpee

Blushing Beauties of the Patch

The idea of a red pumpkin isn’t quite as shocking as a blue or white variety, but the vibrant, sunsets hue make the red varieties just as sought after.

Photo Credit Left: Burpee Photo Credit Right: Tarladalal

This impressive variety of pumpkin ranges in color from red to pink to a deep red-orange with deep ribs and the flattened shape allows for stacking other colorful pumpkins on top of them, creating a lovely display.

Earthtone and Texture Galore!

The earthy brown and natural texture of these pumpkins adds a sensory twist to the traditional.

Photo Credit Left: Burpee Photo Credit Right: Burpee

Spin The Pumpkin Color Wheel 

With such a rich and varied color palette beyond the beloved traditional orange; pumpkins are ideal for your autumn decor. Whether you choose white, blue, red, or brown, you can be sure any of these unique pumpkins will bring a bit of fantasy to your fall décor.

- Kate

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