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Dana Miller
Rise & Shine
Photo Credit: Dana Miller
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Hey Wayfairers! Dana from House*Tweaking here. The name’s Dana and tweaking’s my game. I have a (good or bad?) habit of seeing the hidden potential in anything home-related. So when my dad mentioned sprucing up his porch, I couldn’t help but put my spin on things. Read on to see what happened..

My dad and stepmom have the most amazing wrap-around porch that overlooks an Ohio valley. Recently, they acquired a circular outdoor sofa for a steal at a local furniture outlet but the set-up and paisley print were subpar.

Before: a large and lifeless outdoor sofa in a busy paisley print. Photo Credit: Dana Miller

There was no surface for resting eats and drinks. The too few toss pillows that came with the sofa didn’t provide adequate support, and the color scheme was feeling a bit ho-hum. I thought it would be fun to perk up the porch couch and create a spot perfect for a lazy summer morning.

After: a cozy casual spot for starting the day right and enjoying the scenery. Photo Credit: Dana Miller

Who could sleep in with this alfresco breakfast space begging you to wake up and come outside?! The first thing I did was flip all the sofa cushions to the reverse side. With a solid base, the sofa was already feeling calmer. No more paisley!

Pillows galore make the sofa more inviting and comfortable. Photo Credit: Dana Miller

The spa blue background was begging for pattern, interest, and color. I added nearly a dozen pillows to amp up the comfort factor.  I brought in a faux fur throw to soften things up and bring in a softer texture.

A woven tray corrals an easy breakfast and fresh cut greenery in a vase. Photo Credit: Dana Miller

The sofa is large and once you’re on it, you don’t want to leave. A wood tray provides a flat surface for coffee and fresh raisin bread. I kept it simple by forgoing plates and silverware. A waffle towel works great as an impromptu cloth napkin!

Mixing pillows of different colors and patterns is a sure fire way to enliven any sofa. Photo Credit: Dana Miller

The nice thing about having a covered porch and sofa is that you can add indoor pillows to the outdoor mix without fear of them becoming damaged by inclement weather. I used prints of various scale and color to freshen up the solid sofa.

A side table keeps fresh fruit and writing utensils within reach. Photo Credit: Dana Miller

A curvy side table holds apples and clementines…more no-fork-required goodies! A wicker vase is a clever pencil holder for tackling the newspaper’s crossword puzzle or browsing the classifieds.

Photo Credit: Dana Miller

After all my efforts, I couldn’t help myself.

Photo Credit: Dana Miller

Nothing left to do but enjoy the view. The perfect way to start my day!

- Dana

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  1. Stacy ·

    Way to go Dana! You’re always up to something amazing.

  2. how2home ·

    Beautiful shoot! The seats looks so comfy!!! I wouldn’t mind sitting there all day!