White Out
Erika Johnson
White Out
Photo Credit: Patrick Cline for Lonny Mag Layout: Erika Johnson
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As seasons change and trends evolve, a blank canvas serves as a refreshing dose of inspiration.  A palate cleanser, if you will.

I love color as much as the next design dreamer, but an all-white room possesses a sense of idealism—even romanticism. I can’t imagine living in a world so pristine that not one dust bunny would evade my minimalist white palette. But in these white images, we can escape to a world of ivory perfection.

White out with me for a few minutes.

White walls showcase a room’s beautifully bare bones. There is something magically vulnerable about a white space. It’s quietly intoxicating.

An all-white room, in its grand simplicity, is elegantly dramatic. With the right pieces, a white space is also inviting and possesses just the right “lived in” qualities.

Photo Credit: ## Cline for Lonny Mag##

To achieve yours, follow these five tips.

  1. When selecting shades of whites, layer light blushes, ivories, and grays to add depth and keep the space cozy rather than cold.
  2. Change it up. A white room can transform with the seasons by swapping out details—like table runners and throw pillows. Voila!
  3. Design within reason. A monochrome room can be achieved without turning every detail white. If you have kids and pets, white rugs and sofas may not be logical.  Instead, opt for white walls, curtains, and tables. Keep the high-traffic areas in deeper, stain-masking shades.
  4. Correct a cold room by adding a warmth with a bunch of garden flowers or bowl of brightly colored fruit.
  5. Bring outdoor fabrics in! This is another great way to add a stain-repelling element to high-traffic rooms. And your guests will have no idea.

A white palette yields endless décor possibilities, so remember to have fun when decorating! As for that pesky “no white after Labor Day” rule, I say…

Rules are made to be broken!

Don’t you agree?

- Erika

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