Entertaining Weekend Guests
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Entertaining Weekend Guests
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Hi there! My name is Kate and I’m the author of DomestiKatedLife, a lifestyle blog, where I write about some of my favorite topics like living in Boston, the latest fashion and design trends, thrifty ways to make your home and closet look their best on a budget, and creative ideas for entertaining. On the topic of entertaining, I recently hosted Wayfair’s #HomemakerHappyHr Twitter chat and had the opportunity to share my tips and tricks for entertaining guests for the weekend.

To prep my home, I de-clutter and give everything a good clean, and then I try to think about ways to make guests comfortable. I use big baskets to store extra blankets and bring in fresh flowers to brighten up the room. A well-outfitted nightstand is also essential; a lamp, clock, water glass, a little bowl to hold jewelry and change are all you need.

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To get the bathroom ready for guests, Fluffy clean towels are always a must! Plus it’s nice to keep extra toothbrushes and contacts cases on hand in case guests forget those things. Let your guests know ahead of time what they don’t need to pack and keep that stuff on hand—no need to haul a heavy hair dryer, right? One participant in the #HomemakerHappyHr chat, @kjhweeks, mentioned that she uses mint julep cups to store items on the bathroom counter, which I think is such a cute idea!

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When I don’t have time to prepare in advance, I have a few tricks for entertaining the unexpected guests, too! I have a cabinet where I keep all of my entertaining supplies, like cocktail napkins and plates, so everything is in one place when I need to pull something together on the fly. Plus, I keep a bottle of chilled champagne in the fridge for pop-in guests—you can never be too prepared!

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How do you prepare for weekend guests? I’d love to hear your tips!


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  1. Mara ·

    Always keep some benadryl on hand for those guests with allergies:)

  2. Colleen ·

    Great tips! Now I just wish my guest room looked that good :)