White On White: How To Solve This Color Scheme Challenge
Kate Smith
White On White: How To Solve This Color Scheme Challenge
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White works with everything. White is the perfect go-to neutral. What could be easier than decorating with all white?

It sounds easy but the challenge is that to create a well-designed room, you need several different elements and by going all white you’ve just eliminated two biggies—color and color contrast!

This means that you need to create contrast, draw attention, and add interest in other ways. It isn’t difficult when you know what you need to think about. Here are my best tips for getting you headed in the direction of getting white right:

1. Edit Carefully

An all white room is calming because with a single color there are no distractions. This also means that everything you place in the room becomes important so you will need to edit your selection of furnishing and accessories with a discerning eye.

2. Find the Right Whites

But white is white is white. Right? Wrong! All whites are not the same. There are easily hundreds of paint colors considered to be a variation of white.

If all whites were the same than it might not be so challenging. There are hundreds of different whites and not all of them work well together. The key to finding whites that will blend is to find whites with undertones that harmonize (read more about undertones here).

3. Don’t Match. Blend!

Before you select the whites for your room, look at them in the room side by side and see if you like the way they blend. The whites don’t need to be exactly the same. In fact, it is better if they are not all the same but they do need to allow your eye to flow from one to the next easily without any one of your whites seeming out of place.

4. Pattern and Texture Add Interest

Also look at the amount of texture or pattern each piece has. You want a variety rather than having every piece plain or smooth. Just keep in mind that the bolder the texture or pattern, the more energy it adds to the room.

5. Add Accessories

Now complete your white room by incorporating other elements that support the white scheme. Look for accessories that add a touch of texture, shimmer, or shine without adding any real color. Think clear glass, silver, or mirrored finishes.

Many, many variations of white can be combined in one room, so don’t be shy. Just keep playing with the different whites until you are happy with the blend of tints and textures. The final step to determining if you’ve got it right is to simply stand back and see if you are pleased with the results.

For more ideas for white-on-white room schemes see my idea board White-On-White | Sensational Interiors. 

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