Wedding Registry Ideas
Erika Johnson
Wedding Registry Ideas
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A couple of months ago, I shared my ideas for snapping up the perfect shower gifts for the special brides-to-be in your lives. What I neglected to share is that we, too, are planning to register for our own wedding within the next couple of weeks! Registering is one of the most exciting parts of the planning process (if you ask me!) The part that often goes unmentioned is that it can also be one of the most overwhelming.  My initial fear was that we would blindly enter a massive department store, scanners in hands, with no idea what to scan. In my recurring registry nightmare, we would get zap-happy with the scanner and, after our wedding, be buried in mismatched formal china and vacuum cleaners.  I have chills as I type it!

Have you ever had such a nightmare?

The idea that a registry can be completed online has forced those silly fears out of my frilly, wedding-brain.  Without the pressure of scanners, escalators, and sales clerks, I can browse KitchenAids and aprons from my couch with a glass of pinot in hand. Doesn’t that sound delightful?  I especially love the freedom of selecting from various colorways and finishes without the frustration of finding an item out of stock.

That’s not to say that I shy from in-store shopping.  In fact, I love browsing boutiques and holding the tangible!  But when it comes to creating a registry of items our dear friends and family will gift us to use for years to come, I want to be sure to select thoughtfully.

So what have I compiled on my wedding wish list?  Here are my top ten must-haves.

  1. Eight every-day place settings.
  2. An espresso machine.
  3. A collection of baking utensils.
  4. A pair of crystal candlesticks.
  5. Ten champagne flutes.
  6. A decanter.
  7. Silver picture frames.
  8. A set of pretty measuring cups.
  9. An oven mitt and matching apron.
  10. A festive tablecloth.


When ordering wine glasses, remember to order at least as many as there are place settings.  The reality is that some will break over time, so it may be best to order a few extras in the beginning!

What was your favorite item from your registry?  Is there something I should add to mine?

- Erika

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  1. John ·

    I don’t want to be negative but these items are not practical and you will never use most of them not to mention they are old fashion and perhaps bridal party gifts and not wedding wish list gifts. I’ve been married now for 17 years, we have dinner parties almost every other weekend, I have never had the need of a decanter or crystal/silver candlesticks (old fashion items), the only person I’ve seen using a Decanter, was someone serving cheap wine(they didn’t want their guest to know)! I would be insulted if someone was to give me an oven mitt and matching apron or a tablecloth as a wedding gift (pretty cheap!). Furthermore,I would think that most couples would already own these items especially since most couples live together before getting married now a days. A better idea is to ask for gift cards and then you can get things you really need and items you will really use when the time comes. Personally, just give cash to the couple, so that they can purchase a home to put all this stuff into and remember that this couple just dished out about $125 per head so try and cover that!

    • surf ·

      John, that’s why the gals do the registry and shopping for the gifts. Your not sentimental. just practical and unemotional. I still use my decanter, and not for cheap wine, I love my crystal goblets and when I use my potholder, I think of Aunt Myra, God rest her soul now. So John, get back in the garage and clean it!

    • cher ·

      Old Fashioned. WHAT!!! It is so sad that people think they are OWED a wedding gift. If you want an expensive gift, gift card or cash be sure to state on your wedding invitation CASH only and of course, the amount of cash you require from each victim (ah hum, guest). With thinking like yours (and this greedy, boorish behavior has become pervasive today) you need to skip the (show) wedding/ reception and put the money you would save towards your wants and needs. Go to city hall.

    • Molly ·

      I;m surprised you are still married. People have lots of choices in stores because people have different tastes. I think this list has classic style which is timeless.I can’t imagine feeling a need to get the cost of the reception back in gifts- why not just buy your own stuff and skip the reception since the gifts or money is more valuable to you than the people who would be there. I decide what I will spend on a wedding gift based on lots of factors- but mostly my ability to pay for it without charging it. I don’t think looking at a gift and judging the giver is either wise or appreciative but you probably think thank you notes are old fashioned too.

      i can’t imagine

  2. sue ·

    I believe that those were this bride’s gift choices. Maybe those “old-fashioned” items are what she and her groom would like to use when they entertain. I was married 34 years ago, back when brides registered for china and crystal. Nowadays, it seems couples are registering at Target and similar stores for all kinds of stuff. If an item is listed on an registry, I assume it’s something the couple wants or needs, despite being what I would consider a cheap gift. I checked out my nephew’s registry at Target. If i bought every single thing on his list, the cost still wouldn’t add up to the amount I intended to give him and his bride. I’ll probably buy a small gift and accompany it with a check…tacky or not.