Wayfair & Olioboard Team Up
Kristine Kennedy
Wayfair & Olioboard Team Up
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Have you heard about Olioboard?  If not, it’s a super cool online tool that enables users to design and create virtual mood boards. You can curate any kind of room then share it with the Olioboard community of interior designers and home enthusiasts for comments and feedback. See for yourself: Olioboard has a good tutorial for first-time users on their Youtube Channel.

I first heard about Olioboard at the Design Bloggers Conference in LA this past February and instantly liked the way you can pick your favorite products, match them with a backdrop, and voila—instant room. I like being able to see how items look in context before I buy. The only thing missing on Olioboard at that point was Wayfair!

So Wayfair and Olioboard became besties and launched a design challenge. Last week we completed the first of three challenge rounds: the ultimate outdoor living space. As last week’s judge, I wanted to see boards that extended living space to the outdoors and reflected the personality of that community member. The range of styles in the submissions impressed me. I don’t like spaces that look like furniture showrooms. I do like spaces that look like someone interesting lives there.

Queue to our first week winner: Neetib. Her green-on-green board is highly original and personal. I also liked the variety of Wayfair products used and the mix of high and low prices. She showcases an expensive modern chair but confidently mixes it with a $22.50 vase. For her passionate efforts, Neetib received a $250 Wayfair gift card.

But it was hard to choose. There were lots of good ones. Here are some boards from last week’s challenge that I love for their individuality.

This week, we challenge Olioboard members to design a nursery or kid’s room. Judging is Wayfair Homemaker Erika Johnson of Radiant Republic. That gal has some style, and I’ll be interested to see if she picks what I would have picked. The entries are looking nice so far.

The third and final challenge theme will be announced on Monday.

Join the Olioboard community and jump into our Week 2 challenge! You could win a $250 Wayfair gift card and be eligible to win the grand prize bringing your winnings up to $500 to spend on Wayfair!

I’m looking forward to seeing what you’ll create. Who out there has used Olioboard? What do you like about it?



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