10 Great (Online) Home Design Magazines
Cynthia Bogart
10 Great (Online) Home Design Magazines
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I’ve lost count of how many of my favorite home decorating newstand magazines have been shuttered in the past few years. But, are magazines disappearing or simply being reinvented online?

As we watched one magazine after another close due to the high costs of production and postage, the internet was becoming much stronger, and all of a sudden bloggers, who had previously been considered rambling amateurs, were creating amazing blogs and websites. Bloggers weren’t taking the place of magazines—instead they were delivering information in a more personal, different way. Some took it one step further and began inventing ‘online’ magazines, which would try to give the reader the same magazine—like reading experience of flipping pages and, unlike magazines, deliver the timeliest content possible.

With that said, trying to find great blogs, websites, and online magazines is a tricky business. It’s not as easy as walking into Barnes & Noble anymore. To give you a random list here would be insane, but, this isn’t the first time I’ve thought about this. Last year, The Daily Basics launched The Daily Basics Who’s Who. It’s a living directory of the best blogs, online magazines, and websites to keep on your radar. If you’re looking to zero in on a few great blogs, hop on over and poke around on our five lifestyle directory boards to discover great sites.

Okay, so now you have a place to find your information online, but it’s not easing the pain of losing our paper magazine experience. Here are a couple of reasons that might make it easier for you to say goodbye.

  • Cost: Printing, delivering, and selling a magazine has skyrocketed the price per copy upwards to $7, $8, even $12 on the newsstand.
  • Speed: From concept to publishing, a magazine story takes three to 12 months to get into your hands. By the time it hits newsstand, it’s old news. So, when you read online blogs or articles, you’re getting current information. That’s the trade off.

So, pull up a keyboard, grab a glass of something chilled, and dive into 10 of my favorite online mags. I think these will put a big smile on your face!

- Cindy

1. Lonny is a bi-monthly online magazine that focuses on lifestyle and home decor. Their mission is to open the doors to accessible design and connect readers to their favorite products and resources at the click of a mouse. The first successful online magazine, Lonny is the one to learn from, follow, or beat.

2. Matchbook is an online lifestyle publication celebrating classics covering past and present fashion, decor, the arts, travel, and culture.

3. TradHome is the new online version of Traditional Home magazine—the first of the old media magazines to translate their content in a virtual experience. The content here is not the same as the monthly paper magazine.

4. High Gloss is a guide to the ‘well-lived life’. High Gloss covers entertaining, home design, shopping, and gracious living.

5. Sweet Paul has become a regular read for editors, stylists, and foodies all over the world. Paul’s motto is “chasing the sweet things in life” and the magazine sure lives up to it.

6. Ivy and Piper is a look book of beautiful interiors from around the world to inspire and encourage you to create the home of your dreams. Published every two months, designers Melanie Parker and Elizabeth Raptis strive to inspire their clients to embrace a bold sense of style. (Australian)

7. Heart Home is a quarterly publication celebrating all that is unique and good about interior decor and lifestyle regarding British Homes. (UK)

8. Adore‘s mission is to bring you beautiful homes from across the globe, tips and design advice from interior experts, as well as easy online access to the latest home treasures. (Australian)

9. Rue is a digital design and entertaining magazine. Focused on stylish living.

10. Leaf is about great design and living well outdoors, lifestyle events in your garden, and creating an online community of like-minded, design-oriented people.

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