Channeling Cape Cod
Erika Johnson
Channeling Cape Cod
Photo Credit: Erika Johnson
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From spring through fall, Andrew and I spend most weekends at my future mother-in-law’s home on Cape Cod. She even lets us bring our cats. How lucky are we?

I love many things about her home. Andrew’s parents designed and built it facing a beautiful pond. Andrew and his brother were both born and raised there, and I love hearing stories of mischief while sipping wine on the raised deck. I adore eating freshly picked tomatoes from her vegetable garden, and rinsing off saltwater in the outdoor shower. But most of all, I love her home’s true Cape Cod aesthetic.

Recently, I’ve tried to channel a bit of that aesthetic in our home, too.

Our vignettes have a little prep-meets-Cape flavor. I’m smitten with groupings of small objects, like these darling little posy vases above. Can you tell?

Whimsical drink ware is very reminiscent of weekends spent at the beach. Pitchers with lemons are a throwback to my childhood summers, when I had my first tastes of entrepreneurship at my annual lemonade stands. As an adult, I love the bright printed lemon prints on outdoor tabletops.

Nautical-inspired pillows, like my anchor above, add a pretty seasonal touch to our sofa. I can never have too many punchy throw pillows. Our collection is constantly growing!  Do you have the same addiction?

To anchor our Cape Cod aesthetic, we framed our favorite sailboat print in a custom driftwood-inspired frame. Collecting driftwood on the beach is one of our favorite pastimes. This piece looks so elegant perched atop our mantel. One day, we hope to have a mantel made of driftwood. Do you think we’re getting too carried away?

What’s your very favorite summer destination? Does it translate to your home décor, too?

- Erika

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  1. PJ ·

    Love it Erika! Hope to see you down there this summer.

  2. Kate Smith ·

    I love the Cape. During the time I lived in Boston, my son and I summered in Truro and I still love it there. Went back for a week two years ago and ended up staying for month. I’ll be there this year in July and your post has me wishing it was sooner.

    • Truro is so beautiful! We will have to get together this July, Kate! Would be such fun!

  3. Wesleigh ·

    Tie- Cape Cod and the South Shore!! And I want that octopus pillow!!