No Longer Mellow Yellow
Kate Smith
No Longer Mellow Yellow
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Everywhere I look I see a sure sign of spring—bright, sunshine-yellow forsythia. I enjoy seeing sprays of yellow blossoms gently swaying in the April breeze, knowing that winter is behind us, and the sun-drenched days are on their way.

Yellow is such a happy hue at any time of year, and in your home even a little yellow can bring out that joyful feeling. Taking my cues from spring, sunshine, and forsythia, here are a few idea for how your own home can be basking in the glow of this sunny color, year round.

I remember many wonderful dinners at my grandparent’s home surrounded by soft yellow walls. All these years later, seeing this color in a kitchen or dining room instantly brings back warm memories.

Pale yellow is lovely in a living room or bedroom, but to keep this pastel from looking too sweet use a second color that is a mid-tone or darker. Here, the blue keeps the color scheme grown up as it veers toward a sea-blue rather than baby-blue hue.

Another way to keep yellow sophisticated yet still very soft and quiet is to use it with medium to light neutrals. Notice how the color just whispers in the background warming up the beige and white.

Prefer your yellow bold? Why not go with color at full strength? Mix bright yellow walls with an even brighter citron table the way designer Lindsey Coral Harper. It can bring a neutral scheme to life as it did in this white-and-gray kitchen.

Even when you want to use bold yellow there may be times your space won’t hold such a strong, saturated hue. Don’t give up your dream scheme. Instead, think about color blocking rather than filling an entire area. Use yellow on just one wall, for a single chair or even a few select accessories. Balance the vibrant yellow with colors that are equally bright and uplifting as hot pink or aqua blue.

Or use yellow to draw attention. The bold yellow on the headboard complements the colors in the room and pulls the eye into the room.

Another option for using the stronger shades of yellow is to take it outside. When you are decorating outdoors there isn’t any space that doesn’t work with yellow, and usually the bolder and brighter, the better.

And while you’re outside consider yellow as the focal point of your home. Yellow is a wonderful color for a front door, especially if your home is gray, blue, or a warm neutral. It creates a warm, welcoming feeling before your guests even get inside.

Take a look around your home. Would a bit of buttery soft yellow make you happy or is anything-but-mellow yellow more your style? Either way you’ll find more ideas for yellow with my Finders’ Keepers below, or on a Pinterest board I created to share the images in this blog post and many more examples how to use yellow in your home.

- Kate

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