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Matthew Mead
Deliver Me
Photo Credit: Matthew Mead
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I don’t know about you, but I would be more inclined to throw a party if I didn’t have to worry about producing everything from soup to nuts. My solution? Let your favorite Chinese restaurant deliver the food while you focus on the fun part–delivering the mood. That’s right! Try a fun gathering where you use delicious take out Chinese food from your favorite restaurant and focus on the presentation details that make a party fun, creative, and memorable.

Photo Credit: Matthew Mead

First, I begin by clearing the kitchen island to make way for fresh flavors and create a simple centerpiece by floating flowers like orchids in a rectangular baking dish. For no-fuss candle holders I wrapped kitchen drinking glasses in white vellum paper. Cake stands, white casserole dishes, platters, and serving pieces along with plenty of serving spoons and forks so guests can easily help themselves completes the serving table.

I like to serve-up the unexpected and make my own Scorpion Bowl (a delicious punch-like drink found at Chinese restaurants) either spiked or virgin. We placed a cut lime in the center of a glass compote to hold decorative flags and then provided everyone with their own straw.

Photo Credit: Matthew Mead

Chicken fingers or battered shrimp on skewers make dining easy and fun.Glass votive cups make the perfect containers for savory sauces. Simply pour takeout servings into glasses and place on a platter for instant presentation. Dipping is easy when everyone gets their own tray of delicious and tangy flavors.

Photo Credit: Matthew Mead

Egg rolls perched atop a cake stand seem more special when stacked in a pyramid. Take out fortune cookies are dressed up with melted chocolates and cake decorations. Dip in chocolate and let dry two hours before party.

Photo Credit: Matthew Mead

Green tea ice cream can be served in a drinking glass for a clear and colorful presentation and garnished with a cookie. Additional flags made from scrapbook paper with wooden skewers make pretty table top decorations.

When you begin entertaining focus on ways to cut your prep time so you can enjoy your friends and savor your party. Once you get comfortable with presenting food you will be able to create similar and more advanced scenarios over and over again and will become a very seasoned entertainer.

Let someone else worry about the delivering the food while you plan your gathering and time to enjoy your friends!





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Leave Your Thoughts (11 Comments)

  1. Barbra ·

    I’ve done this…so less stressful!!!

  2. Christine ·

    Great ideas Matthew! I love cooking, but sometimes it’s more fun to just concentrate on the “making it pretty” part. It also frees you up to entertain more often if you don’t have to always worry about grocery shopping and prep time.

  3. victoria ·

    Really love your ideas here… for take out…who doesn’t love Chinese?

    My favorite ideas… votive glasses for dips and sauces…. chocolate dipped fortune cookies!!!!!!!

    Awesome !


  4. Debra ·

    I love the idea of using take-out!
    Great ideas & inspiration for making entertaining easy and stylish.

  5. Jane ·

    Beautiful photos! I think it is so easy to entertain if you can at least do some “store bought” to go with the homemade. A couple of rotisserie chickens can do lots of thing. I live 30 miles from a Chinese restaurant so I have to do with what I have.

  6. Janna ·

    Sounds good to me! Toss out the take-out evidence, set your pretty table and your guests (and you) are set for a great evening. Great idea!

  7. johanna ·

    love it matthew!!!!

  8. marion ·

    Great ideas Matthew! Its SO true, I love the decorating and “scene setting” so much more than the dirty dishes and kitchen chaos! I’m inspired to try something like it next time I have friends over.

  9. Emelie ·

    Great idea. Lots more people would entertain and spend fun time with their friends if they adopted this solution… but they have to do it with your style!

  10. Colette ·

    You have such wonderful ideas and take the angst out entertaining.
    Thank you for sharing your vast talent and kind personality.
    Wishing you all of life’s best.
    Colette George