A Green For Every Scheme
Kate Smith
A Green For Every Scheme
Photo Credit: Kate Smith
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If March was a color, it would be green.

As winter comes to a close, verdant shades of green–fresh, alive, and natural– are everywhere this month, signaling rebirth, growth, and a sense of renewal. The tender green shoots peeking out of the ground reminds us that sun-soaked days are not far away.

Green is the pervasive color in the natural world. It is an ideal foil in interior design because we are so used to seeing it everywhere and because green plays so well with other colors. I call it nature’s neutral because there is a shade of green that can fit into every color scheme.

The vintage-inspired green hues of this kitchen paired with creamy white invite you in to kick-back and relax. Photo Credit: ## Homes and Gardens##

Some of my favorite greens are those that could be described as tranquil, soothing, or serene like these in this kitchen. These are the softer shades that remind me of verdigris or the ancient celedon china. These are muted greens with just the right mix of gray.

While all greens can work in a bedroom, the toned down shades shown here are often the easiest to decorate with because they are naturally calming, a mood we want to capture in this space. I like to keep it understated and elegant with colors that look neutral on the swatch and have green undertones that are only fully revealed when painted on an entire wall.

Keep bolder greens from coming on too strong by looking for leafy or garden greens that are not too clear or bright. To balance out bold color, one tip is to pair those hues with colors that have the same intensity or depth of color–like the strong blues and deep camel of this rug.

Greens that are vibrant with a dose of yellow, like those in this kitchen, can be the most difficult to get right because they grab so much attention. They also can go more yellow than desired very easily. If you love a strong green just keep in mind that the other colors in the room need to be able to stand up to your bold choice.

In the bathroom, greens that are grayed or lean towards blue are often more flattering than yellow greens. (Although a bright yellow green in a powder room can give your guest an unexpected and fun surprise of color!)

The wide horizontal stripes in two shades of green liven up this powder room. The black accents stand up to both the color and pattern. Photo Credit: ## Homes and Gardens##

Not ready to commit to green as a main color? It can also be the perfect accent color. Think pillows, throws, lamps and area rugs.

- Kate

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Leave Your Thoughts (7 Comments)

  1. Harie ·

    I like green. I’ve bought a new kitchen. At first I wanted it to be green, but I finally choose yellow, sunny yellow that is. Now I’m asking myself if I didn’t choose the wrong color. So I need some advise from your experts. What color can I give my kitchenwall to balance the color of my yellow kitchen.

    • Sally ·

      Green goes really well with yellow. Get some samples and hold it next to your yellow. I think a bright white would meld the two together .

      • Kate ·

        Green, yellow and crisp white is a classic combination and you are right white melds the two together while keeping the look fresh.

    • Kate ·

      A green that leans more warm (yellow) than cool (blue) would be a nice choice and work in that green that you love. As Sally mentions below try a few different greens next to the yellow in your room and pick the one you find most pleasing.

  2. Love the green striped bathroom! Almost exactly what I want mine to look like.

    • Kate ·

      So glad you like the bathroom Ashley. I’d enjoy seeing how yours turns out.

  3. Jamie ·

    I love the green in the second photo that has the pink flowers by the bed. It’s the perfect shade. Do you happen to know who makes it and what the name of it is? Thanks!