Blankets, Baskets, & Babies
Katie Bower
Blankets, Baskets, & Babies
Photo Credit: Katie Bower
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When I was huge and pregnant with Will, it never occured to me to hire a photographer before he was born so that I could have beautiful photos of him as a curled up newborn. I guess I was thinking about the fact that I had turned into one giant cankle. I was also thinking about my shoes…and how three quarters of my foot was actually pouring out the sides of them.

Then, as I lay in a hospital bed next to the plastic cart that held all 9 pounds, 11 ounces of him, it struck me that I would very much like to take his photo every waking moment for the rest of my life. You think I am being dramatic. Let me assure you. I am not.

Photo Credit: Katie Bower

If the heavens parted and rays of light shined down, and a James Earl Jones voice from above told me that I would be permanently appendaged to my camera and my main mission in life was to take baby photos….well, I wouldn’t cry. I think I would party. I’m kind of a home body anyway—I love the stillness, the quiet patience, and the intense satisfaction of holding and photographing new babies. They are just so darn fresh and perfect.

Of course nobody sees my baby the way I see my baby, so when he was three weeks old, I ended up setting up my very first newborn shoot with my own son. It was not exactly what I expected. Pee and pooh were flying through the air. I had two space heaters and a hair dryer running at full speed. I was trying desperatly to manipulate his wee little body while not letting him roll off the chair cushion or cry (because we all know what happens to nursing moms when they hear that baby squeal). It was kinda like a prison scene but at a very, very juvenile level.

In the end, I did end up with some very cherished images…

Photo Credit: Katie Bower

Photo Credit: Katie Bower

Photo Credit: Katie Bower

But more importantly, I learned a lot that day:

1. I wanted to be a photographer

2. I could use items that are around the house to create images that are not only cherished but beautiful

3. Having things we live with and love in photos is how we remember our lives. They are tangible reminders of the past

4. You can wrap yourself in the newborn photoshoot fur blanket and feel that beautiful moment all over again.

Photo Credit: Katie Bower

Thanks for reading!

- Katie


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  2. Mya ·

    just watched your video over @ Bower Power, so happy for you!!! I totally cried like a baby :D

  3. ·

    How could I forget how adorable Will was as a baby? Love these pictures so much!

  4. melissa @ the bix blog ·

    awesome Katie!!! i love these ideas!

  5. Oh my goodness, that little smiling babe. Is that Will? SO PRECIOUS. I vividly remember out newborn shoot. I had just actually showered, put on makeup, and put on an outfit not made of pajamas for the first time since Linc’s birth. Within the first 10 minutes, I was covered in both pee and poop. But he was still looking just like a little angel. Oh, the joys of being a mama :)

    • Katie ·

      Yes it is him…wasn’t he so cute and squishy :)
      xo – kb

  6. Jen ·

    OMG, these are gorgeous pictures of Will! Love hearing that you now have 9 mths to plan for another session with #2! Congratulations!!!

  7. Sarah ·

    So adorable! I love how he had that gorgeous reddish hair right from the beginning. Looking forward to seeing many more newborn shots in the future… ;)

    • Katie ·

      crazy hair, huh!? we still don’t know where the red came from!
      xo – kb

  8. carlijean ·

    so precious! You make beautiful babies!

  9. RachelSD ·

    Beautiful photos Katie! It’s amazing what paths our lives take….

  10. sandrine ·

    that’s so beautiful katie, i’m so inspired to do lots of pics when i have my baby.

  11. Robin O ·

    Wow… LOVE these photos. Makes me want to go snuggle my babies!!!

  12. Colleen ·

    So wonderful that you thought to do this. Your photos are beautiful. I regret that I did not get great, early shots of my two boys. They are now almost 11 and 5, so that ship has sailed. Instead I’m trying to get some of the sweet,fun shots now so I don’t forget how they look and their favorite things.

  13. Sarah ·

    Katie, I don’t have any babies per se, but I do have two dogs that I love like they were sprung from my loins. I totally know how it feels to want to capture just one image of them everyday. For me, it’s more about the fact that I know my chances of out-living them are much greater than them out-living me. So, I want to look back once they’re gone at the times we shared and the faces they would make as way of remembering. I’m no photographer, but I wield a mean iPhone camera and just last night, wouldn’t you know, my storage ran out. Mostly because I’m crazy and took over 3,000 photos and 135 videos of my main stars. So, I had to delete some pictures and I started from the beginning. There were moments that I would never remember if I hadn’t captured them, not just of my dogs, but of how our house used to look, or the people we used to see, or random things I wanted to capture to text my boyfriend. Those little things are what I don’t want to ever forget. I think the same is true for most, and I can understand wanting to capture every moment of that baby’s life, because time runs out and they get older and you want to remember the faces they used to make or the way they used to sleep. Just like I know, one day time will run out with the ones I love and I will want to look back and remember every single thing about them.

    • Katie ·

      You should get a free Photobucket or Flickr account and download them into a folder so that you can take more! Furbabies must be remembered too :)

  14. Kendra ·

    Love these! I’m so happy for you that you get to do this again!

  15. Kristin ·

    Oh kb. If you need me, I’m just that girl bawling in the corner. Congrats!!!!!!!!!!! As an aspiring photog myself, I appreciate every last drop of your photog posts :)

  16. Cathy ·

    thrilled for you…God bless…

  17. Jamie ·

    Gorgeous photos as usual! I so wish I lived closer so you could take our last family photos for quite some time before my Hubbs leaves on his 6th tour to Afghanistan! I am in love with all the photos you take and literally all your blog posts!! xo