Is it Kitchen Season?
Susan Serra
Is it Kitchen Season?
Photo Credit: Susan Serra
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It seems like many of us wake up in mid-winter and say, “Let’s start this kitchen renovation that we’ve been dreaming about!” It’s one of the busiest times for kitchen design firms, cabinet manufacturers, contractors, and other purveyors of products and services. But, is it the right time for you?

Visualize the payoff at the end of the renovation to keep you plowing through the inevitable bucket list. Photo Credit: Susan Serra

Kitchen renovations fall into two basic categories: new construction and remodeling.  New construction, a multi-phased, complex project often takes on a life of its own and predictions for stages of completion are educated guesses at best. At any given time, something (or other) can derail the construction schedule. The schedule for a kitchen remodeling project is (usually) much easier to predict.

One of the reasons you may find yourself thinking of kitchen remodeling in the spring is summer is coming! It’s a good time to delve into the kitchen planning process in the spring, and often, a better time to have the remodeling work done in the summer. You can avoid the disruption of school routines, meals, end of season school sports obligations, and other family routines. Another good reason for summer remodeling—meals are easy-grilled affairs and it’s enjoyable to spend quality time outdoors as remodeling is going on indoors.

This is progress! Photo Credit: Susan Serra

If you live for the summer, the opposite may hold true. You may wish to get the design process started soon after the turn of the calendar year or mid- to late-winter and be finished with the kitchen remodel by the end of the school year in June, ready for a stress free, easy-living, summer. When college kids arrive home in late spring, a well-timed renovation will have the house ready for summer family activities and entertaining needs for kids of all ages.

The design process often takes more time than you think (estimate a good two months or more if you can for the kitchen design). Find out what the “lead time” is for your cabinetry to be manufactured and ask your kitchen designer how reliable the factory’s delivery date is. It’s important to be aware of all delivery dates as some specialty products ordered, such as that very cool faucet, can take longer to be delivered than the cabinetry. Don’t forget to schedule your contractor!

Nearly there, the cabinet installation means the end is near. Photo Credit: Susan Serra

Orchestrating the timing for product delivery and all of the trades, to achieve a nonstop flow of scheduled work, will keep the project firmly on track, assuring you of the least amount of disruption and inconvenience.

A good plan and an orchestrated schedule means you will be on the fast track to enjoying your new kitchen. Photo Credit: Susan Serra

A word to the wise: it is never too early to start planning a kitchen renovation. If you put it off for too long or if the schedule is more wishful than realistic, your new partners in the renovation process come along for the ride: “stress” and “pressure”! Once a realistic schedule is in place for the entirety of the kitchen renovation process, you’ll be able to forecast the perfect time to start the design process, how long the project will take and when you can begin to enjoy your new kitchen.

When do you think is the best time to do a kitchen renovation?


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