Blooms For Rooms
Matthew Mead
Blooms For Rooms
Photo Credit: Matthew Mead
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Flowers for entertaining should be easy and fuss free. Grab a bouquet or blooming plant of hydrangeas from the grocery store and create a special arrangement for any occasion.

Single petals or full mop head blooms are equally as impressive. Make arrangements for every room in the house. Photo Credit: Matthew Mead

When I think about adding floral interest to my house I first think about what I might use for containers. In most cases we all have wonderful and engaging objects all over the house that can be recycled into an eye-catching display for just the right flowers. This time of year hydrangeas are plentiful and inexpensive, and their multitude of blooms can be used in a myriad of ways. I recycle all kinds of household vessels for display including decorative bottles, glass and ceramic mixing bowls, glass fishbowls, decanters, and canister sets.

Look for hydrangeas in shades of blue and purple, white or pink. I like the blooming plants because they yield lots of blossoms. To make the best use of the plant cut each stem just below a ribbed band on the stem. Use a hammer to smash the woody stem and place directly into cool water. Let cut blooms sit in fresh water for several hours before arranging.

Hydrangeas come in an array of blossoms and colors. Choose from shades of purple, blue, pink and white. Photo Credit: Matthew Mead

Petaled blooms can be plucked from the larger blossom to float in water. Fill a mixing or rose bowl with water and float single blooms to dot the center of a dining table. A galvanized pail painted green can hold giant mop head stems to great effect. Perch on an entry table or a foyer bench to create a pretty focal point. An ironstone bowl with a ceramic liner is the perfect foil for colorful blooms.

I recycle the green leaves to garnish cheese platters and dessert trays.

The hydrangea is a versatile plant. Large green leaves are a rich foil for petals that have been washed in shades reminiscent of a water color. Photo Credit: Matthew Mead

For a foolproof arrangement use colorful glass bottles or decanters to hold single stems of flower blossoms for bedside table arrangements or centerpieces on a coffee table.

Pretty bottles and decanters make a statement with a single majestic bloom. Photo Credit: Matthew Mead

What do you think of my suggestions and do tell, what is your flower of choice?



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  1. Sarah ·

    What great suggestions, Matthew. I’m hoping to plant some hydrangea bushes in my yard this spring and look forward to bringing their beauty into the house.