A Good Rug
Katie Bower
A Good Rug
Photo Credit: Katie Bower
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There are some very important things I have learned from having a kid. First important thing is that toy cars are not as fun when driven on your face.

Secondly – a rug can make or break your life.

I’m not even kidding. This is earth shattering stuff. And I can hear the mom’s & dad’s out there agreeing wholeheartedly complete with clapping.

Let me start at the beginning. Our old house had carpeting – wonderful soft-on-bare-knees carpeting. It was perfect for our daily crawlfests with Will.

Photo Credit: Katie Bower

And then we moved. We moved into a house with an entire first floor of hardwoods. Hardwoods are awesome for many things…they are easy to clean, they are practically impossible for a sippy cup to ruin, and they don’t snag with my stilettos. I thought I would absolutely love having hardwoods.

Photo Credit: Katie Bower

But then I realized that I wanted exactly what I had before. I wanted a little cush for my tush. I wanted…no, I NEEDED a rug. I needed a rug for my still crawling toddler. I needed a rug for my thirty year old knees. I needed a rug for playtime, for fort-building time, for my whole life…that now revolves around being on the floor in the living room. So my remedy was to purchase a rug. I bought the first cheap semi-fashionable rug that I could possibly find.

Photo Credit: Katie Bower

It was a navy and white flatweave rug that we styled the entire room around. It was large and in charge…and a very bad decision on my part. It will be the last flatweave I will ever buy for our living room. And I mean that in the kindest “I-absolutely-abhor-this-rug” way. It never vacuums well, it wrinkles ALL the time, and white just doesn’t work for our very casual (aka very dirty) lifestyle. Hello…I’m a white rug…I love to show off toddler tracks.

Photo Credit: Katie Bower

So it’s back to the drawing board as far as rugs go…but I did learn a couple very important lessons:

1. A good rug is an investment in your life with a baby.

2. Don’t pick a rug just based on cost or how pretty it is. But how it feels on the knees :)

3. Toddlers don’t care how old you are. Forts must be made.

Photo Credit: Katie Bower

Thanks for reading!

- Katie

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  1. Maria ·

    I have been following your blog for a few months now and always love the fun, informative posts with your fabulous sense of humor and gorgeous pictures (esp of Will). Congratulations on your new adventure. I will visit often to see all the posts at Wayfair.

  2. Theresa ·

    I get very nervous when I see you post about this rug. I am so afraid that I am going to sign on one day and find you’ve done something very drastic! I love this rug, and I think it deserves another chance.

    Have you thought of trying a rug pad? Or maybe move it upstairs, and layer it over some carpet. I’d love to see you give it a try. If you try my suggestions and it still doesn’t work for you, I’ll be happy to take it off your hands. And I’m in Georgia!

  3. A new rug is definitely an investment! I found our 8×10 living room rug (viscose pile, I think) at TJ Maxx for $400. Before I could purchase it, though, I had to convince my main squeeze that it was a deal. Almost 6 years later, he finally agrees but only b/c I’ve tried to buy about 50 other ones so he’s been able to compare prices. Good luck on your hunt! Looks like you’ve already found some great options.


  4. Erin ·

    So true! My first floor: all hardwoods. My first area rugs for those hardwoods: fell apart underneath after just a year! Lesson learned – if Im going to shell out some cash on something its definitely a rug (and sheets!)

  5. Amanda - Small Home Big Start (http://www.smallhomebigstart.blogspot.com) ·

    We’re still rocking the hardwood floors in our apartment with only a couple of rugs (front door, kitchen sink and bathroom), but I would love to get a nice area rug for the living room. Rugs aren’t just for toddlers! They’re also for 20-somethings who like to craft on the floor because they’re afraid to get paint on the table. Having a little cush under your tush is greatly appreciated when you’re painting!

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